Orders being placed while on Vacation Mode


So, I recently went on vacation mode to focus on my personal stuff for few days and to take a break from Fiverr.
But even in vacation mode I sometimes do gigs fro my regular buyers when they contact me. Which is all ok? But I never though they could place orders without verifying. I just got an order from a regular buyer while on vacation mode.
What is the point of bein on vacation mode if buyers can place orders. Sure no new buyers can contact you. But what about the old buyer. They should be allowed to communicate but not place orders without getting an ok from you right?


Did you use your limited order feature? If so, you need to disable the direct link.

If you keep the direct link open your regular buyers will most likely be able to order.

You can read more about it here:



Oh, i see. So does this mean If I go on vacation mode I have to limit my orders in a queue for each of my gigs so my ordinary buyers will not be able to place the orders?

But the thing is the gig the buyer paid for is the package that says it is having a delivery time in 2 days. But the order says I need to deliver in 1 day? That is wired. I contacted customer tech lets see what they say.


I checked. All my direct links are disabled.


No, only if you decide to use your limit order feature. It might be a technical glitch.

Also, if you issue custom offers prior to vacation mode, these will still go through if your buyer decides to accept it unless you set the expiration date accordingly.


Just talked with the buyer. He used an old direct link i sent for a
previous order. But he already purchased that. Then shouldn’t it be expired
and not available to be purchased again?


I would have thought that activating vacation mode would override other settings like the limit orders in queue ones. Good to know it might not, but I still find that weird.
For the latter thing, wondering if that’s a glitch too, would be bad if not.


If sounds like a glitch. You already contacted CS, I am curious to see what they will say. Enjoy your vacation.