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Orders by mistake and cancellations


Hey all,

Hope the year started great for all, but hey, it could be better for all of us. So, during my Fiverr experience I’ve had many buyers order by mistake. And this is affecting the orders completed ratio and with the new seller promotion, it can be a pain to get it back up.

Before you say anything about if I updated the gig before they ordered, no. The gig was updated way before the buyer ordered. The thing is, they ordered by mistake $150 (premium package), and then came back with a reason that I don’t do half of the job they wanted me to do and that they want to cancel the order. Now I could do a logo or two, but they need an illustrator, which I am not.

I’ve had a lot of orders get cancelled because the buyers ordered by mistake and I think, an option in the “Resolution Center” can be “Ordered by mistake by buyer” and then Fiverr CS can take a look at it and not include it on the cancelled orders.

And by the way, who goes so many steps to say that they ordered by mistake? CMON!


Same happen with me. Buyer place order on my gigs 24 hours delivery. When i start working on order ask some data about order. He reply he no more need this. Due to this order complete ration down.


Already maximum seller are suffering the same problem.