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Orders by mistake ruin your rating

Hello, I would like to say something with what most or all of the sellers here would agree with. Today I had a customer who have ordered 3 times out of which 2 was a mistake, even though she haven’t filled the requirements and the order haven’t even started she saw and sent a dispute, and because of which my “Order completed” stat went lower, and affecting my seller level and rating. I really think and I strongly suggest to fix this, if order is canceled with a reason (buyer doesn’t like the work etc.) then ok, cancel it is, but getting your stats lowered for something which isn’t your fault at all is really, really bad. Because of this I will get demoted now, and I haven’t done anything wrong.
This is a huge problem on Fiverr, and you as a developers and support should look into it and make it a good working environment for both buyers and sellers, if you want your site to be good then you should work on it and improve it. Don’t want to sound rude or anything, just want to point out to the problem which is affecting all of us.


Their mistake is most if the times OVERLOOKED, my client asked for something in the buyer request, after the order taken, I understood the order was about something different, which is way beyond my expertise.

Now he cancelled orders and I got red delivery ratings.
:scissors: Client wins


Please contact support, you might get your ratings back


Yeah, I completely understand you, and it is really lame that they don’t care about sellers at all. I had an issue earlier, same thing, and they were like they can’t fix it but it won’t affect the rating. And then I got demoted. Tried to send a ticket and it wasn’t going through. I will try later as well, but this is a common problem for all of us and they should fix it. The way I see this is that they take their 20% and they don’t care about us at all.

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I totally agree with you here. :ok_hand:t4: It’s complete & utter rubbish!

Sadly, we cannot do anything about it. I’ve expressed my thoughts candidly on this forum about this issue. The only thing we’re left to do is work our hiney’s off to build up our stats, again. :roll_eyes:

Ha! Goodluck :four_leaf_clover: with that. 'Cause the only thing OP will get is they understand but ALL cxls affects stats. So, why bother?


Yeah, they don’t really care about this things that affect us, sellers, but I will give my best to fix this thing, not only for me but for all of us.


I totally agree. I had one guy order a gig and then cancel it before I even saw it. Then someone else cancelled two gigs for totally nonsensical reasons. So i lost my status. It has cost me many dollars and lots of hard work. i complained to Fiverr and got standard reply ‘a’. After some more correspondence it came clear that the software was too inflexible and they could not do anything about it. just not good enough.


It really is bad situation with that cancelation without a fault. And I don’t think they really care about it, my impression after all the tickets and their “schemed” answers.


I also noticed that if you drop in % of completion rate from these types of “buyer ordered by mistake” cancellations, that your impressions drop as well, along with your sales, even if your seller status remains intact. Only after 60 days have passed you can regain your completion again and improve Gig placement, even if it’s not your fault.

This really needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I’ve read somewhere they are working on it and that it will take a couple of months


Contact to support and told them details i hope they will help you.

CS never help sellers, only says “Sorry to hear about that”

100% agree with you!

they think buyer are the most important … sellers, they don’t care…


LOLz, I don’t pay attention to rumors. It’s nothing but HOT :balloon: air.

Well, let us see we’re already in :calendar: July month. It appears that they are not in a rush to fix this issue. :expressionless:


Hell I have over 20 orders that are just floating on air, requirements are not filled and buyers did not come back for over a year.
Now Im thinking if I nudge them they will go with ordered by mistake card, and with over 20 orders that would be a party for my order completion rate, it would drop BIG :sweat_smile:
So I just let them be


Yikes! :hushed:

I can only imagine how much those numbers would plummet. :grimacing:

Letting them sit & bake is the best thing to do.


Have same thing, about 4 of them haven’t been online for a month or so, just send the nudge, they won’t affect you at all since they haven’t started.

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Yeah, I tired that, but for some reason the ticket isn’t going through. And I doubt they will even help, had same situation few month ago and they were like “We can’t help you, but no worries that won’t affect your rating” and I got demoted. So much of their help.

I Will Suggest you to cancel the dispute and send dispute of mutually Cancellation from your side…it will not ruin your rating…and gig rate… it will affect only order completion maybe 2%

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Any cancellation affects your rating.

You can’t estimate the percentage - it depends on how many orders are completed/cancelled over 60 days.


What about you? @arafatjamil01 After contacting CS, Were you able to get your ratings back from that one gig which screwed your ratings over due to client’s miscommunication?

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I didn’t contact CS for it, it was of no use, because I worked with the client for about 24 hours. He liked me and really wanted me to get the job done. But I couldn’t create API. Moreover he was spanish. And he didn’t know much English.

Together , it was a mess.