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Orders by mistake ruin your rating

Yeah, told that exact same thing.

Wow… “and will continue to do so in the near future” ?!

I can’t understand for the life of me, why – when they know something is absolutely unfair, and can affect good sellers so negatively – they wouldn’t make rectifying it a #1 priority.

It’s entirely frustrating to read - (in a nutshell) We KNOW it’s unfair - but we don’t plan on fixing it any time soon. Sorry. Hope this clears things up…

Ummm, no, actually made it worse, and I am more confused.

So frustrating! Virtually ALL of my cancellations are because someone ordered by mistake or ordered multiple times, by accident.


I completely agree with you, but obviously they don’t really care. I mean, why would they go through unnecessary trouble for people without whom they won’t have any income…

Reviving this @mashas_studio

Has anything changed after two years ?

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Not much really, I suffered. Customer changing their requirements twice a day. Then he realized this is not the right niche for order.

I lost my level badges. Still counting.

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I feel like that is a big Problem for this platform.
Its supposed to protect buyers from new sellers with little experience and maybe bad intentions.
But for example when sellers have reached level one or two, they should have more priviliges to make life easier. Atlast we are the asset for Fiverr that provides all the services !

Hey! To be honest haven’t really noticed that lately, and mainly the reason is that haven’t been many of those mistaken orders. :smiley:

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This is still an issue, and I made a suggestion which can lower the chances for this kind of thing to happen. Changing the way on receiving orders


oh yeah I think the way you describe the order request do make sense.
But I also understand what the first comment is explaining, that Fiverr is a “Buy Now” Platform…
Will porbably never change, although I think in the long term it is bad for business.

That may depend on the difference of gigs we offer. I literally have not done a single pre made package, because I am a programmer and most of my orders include a variety of features.
Cheers, and good luck. I like your logos ! :slight_smile:

Maybe, and also a percentage of how many orders were completed against canceled. And thank you!! Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

The completion rates get calculated automatically. So it displays lower rate when order cancelled.
You should create a ticket to the support team and explain about this situation. They will help you kindly. Sometimes they don’t reply quickly, it might take 48 hours to get their first response. Be patient, they will finally reply to you and help you.

Good luck.

Thank you! I am good for now. :)) This post is about 2 years old, just someone wanted to refresh and see how it’s going nowadays. :slight_smile:

Back once again, same issue… 2 orders placed double in the last 3 days by 2 different people… Ruined 2%, ticket sent, will see how it goes. As well as a proposition to make time frame between placing orders, so that same person can’t order something before 20 minutes pass, some people just don’t know how to use technology, some maybe to it intentionally, who knows, so that 20 minutes would be a life saver and a percentage saver for all of us… Hopefully Fiverr will consider doing something about this issue…

This could be the solution for this issue as well.

Perhaps this would be a solution to the problem.
But nothing prevents an unscrupulous person from filling out the order requirements with empty information.

Today I received a “by mistake” cancellation notice. And there was no message that - The order was placed, the necessary requirements are expected to be filled.
With the request: Hi, sorry, but I have to cancel the order. I changed my mind and chose another freelancer. Please accept my cancellation request.

The amount was not small, and it is noticeable that an additional 7 revisions were added at random, in addition to the 6 that I offered in my gig. Just to increase the order amount.

I agreed to the cancellation but wrote in support of the following:
I suppose this is a very common problem for sellers when a buyer immediately abandons a placed order, allegedly “due to an error”.
This affects the rating of the sellers, and they cannot fix it. And not conscientious persons use this with impunity.
It would be a good practice to withhold a certain commission from such “mistakes” orders, and warn them about this during the placing of the order.
It is unfair when it only affects the seller.

I was told that this would not affect the rating. But I still think that it would be a good practice. This would significantly reduce such “mistake” orders.

Contact support for this and ask them to resolve this issue. they say that if order is canceled like this by CS it does not effect your order completion rate

While I’ve never experienced this, if it is like the “spam report” where they tell you it won’t impact your response rate, but your response rate go down regardless. It probably means that you have to contact the CS to get it fixed when it happens. If they would focus of solving small problems like that, without the seller having to contact CS every time, CS would get less tickets and would probably be able to be more efficient. Can you imagine, with the amount of orders placed everyday on this platform, the amount of messages from sellers they receive per day for stuff like this.

i totally agree with her

All good now, fixed it with the CS, but it can be pretty annoying, even though they have resolved it in that case, it can happen again surely, considering how many of the people her don’t quite understand how the Fiverr works.