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I hope March and April have been kind to you in order completions. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, these past two months I had a buyers order mistakenly a few gigs and then I had to cancel them, but they still affect the rating and analytics. Note that the buyers didn’t even fill in the requirements or anything so I still had that Nudge button available.

My suggestion is for Fiverr to not take into account order cancellations which requirements haven’t been filled. If a buyer orders and fills the requirements then cancels, that’s okay as it may be a miscommunication or something else. But, when the buyer doesn’t give you the info or orders by mistake, I think those should not count.



how does someone click on gig order, then put their credit card details then click submit payment all by mistake?


It can happen if the pretense under which they were purchasing the gig changes.


Latest example was that I sent a custom offer, the seller ordered it but didn’t know as no invoice was sent by Fiverr, then she continued ordering another gig instead two times. So, I had to keep the initial order and cancel the other two.

Other cases we’re ordering like a higher package instead of a lower one etc.


I’ve had hundreds of “mistake” orders from buyers who already had revenues in their accounts, hence orders can be placed by mistake very easily in this case (especially when using the mobile app)

What’s more troubling is that many of them ask for a refund because they don’t even read the title of the gig they purchase and ask for an entirely different thing (when confronted, they say “oh, gee, i may have not read the title, sorry, please refund”)

I mean, who goes shopping and buying stuff without even looking at what they buy?


One of this fine days I will refuse cancellation and deliver by mistake.


How did I not think of that? :smiley:


I did that once. It was a game of deliver/ask for revision/deliver/ask for revision/deliver/… because the customer didn’t know how to cancel the order. He didn’t know how to write in barely legible English either, he just said things like “sorry i was mistake” when I asked him if I could help him, even after he gave instructions at the beginning.


I had the same experience last week. A buyer ordered my gig, then while I was waiting for the requirement to be filled, she claimed she ordered by mistake. I had to cancel the order.


Let’s hope Fiverr does something about this. It affects our ratings too. :frowning:


I have this happen more than once a week. Someone actually cancelled a big order by mistake two days ago and then ordered the same thing as soon as he did that. He had placed two big orders, then told me to cancel one, then when I sent the message to cancel it, he accepted it, then he said he didn’t really want to cancel it and he ordered the same thing again.

Sometimes they order and immediately say they ordered by mistake.


Fiverrs algorithm is so complex and secret who knows what does what. I remember when the “Vacation mode” was introduced and people started using it and having their gigs “mysteriously” disappear from search results.

Canceling does effect your gig. At least that’s what Fiverr says. And yes - I hope depending on why the order was canceled - rating or placement won’t get hurt.


I know! I understand how it would happen when it used to be a one-click process, but now it’s 2 or 3 steps.



someone orders 2 of my gigs and now said to cancel and because of this my rating is down to 83% and i have to cancel one more order!!
Please someone help me,how i can let this people stop hurting my profile they all are scammers,i need help i can’t let it go below 83%,any ways to stop this scam and what should i do right now?


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