Orders canceled on the dashboard



A customer ordered a Gig by mistake. And he asked me to be canceled. We both canceled the order. The problem is that it is still marked on my dashboard. Is that there’s opportunity to remove it? Does that affect my fiverr points?



What will I do without you? You are very helpful. It is the buyer who requested the cancellation. I would not want me to be penalized by cancellation I’m not the cause. Fiverr must take this option into consideration.


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This is very interesting as long as it applies. Is fiverr (managers) take into consideration the proposals of buyers and sellers? Or we must adapt the existing rules.

Thank you for the information, so thanks for sharing between community fiverr. It is for the interest of buyers and sellers.


@kjblynx : It is through ideas, information sharing we advance. Hoping that Fiverr takes into consideration the claims that are made through this forum. good luck


"mutual cancellation still counts against the seller"

I didn’t know that :s Sounds unfair.


Reply to @jpreay: Thank you for the advice. I just contact the “Customer Support”. I await their response.


Reply to @zerotech: Indeed, if is the case it is unfair. We work hard and by mistake someone orders and requests the cancellation and it is marked in your dashboard (As a task) !!!

kjblynx said: Unfortunately, mutual cancellation still counts against the seller

I think that you may want to differ to Customer Support on that, I have been advised on multiple occasions that the count is there on the dashboard, but effecting your levels as long as it is mutual does not have a negative effect. Not saying you're wrong, just saying that you might not be correct with this post either.


Reply to @jpreay: not true! If your cancellation ratio gets to be too high, you CANNOT level up until it is brought back down. Even if it was a result of mutual cancellations. Customer Support has routinely chastised sellers about this while claiming that your leveling up is unaffected. It simply isn’t true. They reply that other sellers have no problem keeping their ratios low and you shouldn’t either. We all wish they were more consistent.


Mutual cancellation does not have a negative effect,I have face same problem dear


Reply to @zerotech:

It is. I now have a cancelation rate of 16%!!! Cause a few buyers ordered first and asked me after they ordered if I could do it or not. And in another case a buyer bought 5 gigs when he only needed one. Cause his computer froze up or something. So there you go. I get my cancellation ratio up and he gets his money back…:frowning:


I just received an email from customer support with the following contents:

“All kinds of cancellation effects on the cancellation ratio (including cancellations performed by Customer Support) except for incomplete orders that are waiting for requirements for more than 7 days after the last “Nudge”. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about your cancellation ratio.

Our product team is working on the future improvements of Fiverr so that orders cancelled because of the buyer’s mistake are not included in the seller’s cancellation ratio.”


Another thing. I’ve had 4 cancellations and my cancellation rate went up by 9%. I now have had 4 more orders with positive ratings. It went down to 2% from 18% to 16%. What is the logic behind that? Why is the cancellation ratio going down this slowly? Hardly seems fair.


Reply to @kjblynx: …not fair.


Great. Got another cancellation hit against me due to Fiverr.com cancelling an order. This really should not count!!!