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Orders cancelled after they were delivered and marked complete!

I have been facing this issue a lot lately. As I am a new seller, I have been very active on fiverr. I respond to clients very quickly and complete orders with in 5- 10 minutes. And this has been working great for me. I am getting a good amount of orders every day.

But lately, quite a few of my buyers are cancelling the orders after they were completed, delivered and marked as complete. Upon contacting support, they told me that there was a problem with the payment method of buyer. They asked for chargeback / filed a dispute with PayPal or whatever, so they have to cancel the order and refund money to buyer.

Now, clearly, they are doing it intentionally. They buy a Gig and when it’s delivered, they file a dispute with PayPal or their credit card providers and get their money back. Then get a new IP, new email, new account and rip someone else off.

Fiverr should take this matter seriously. It’s so frustrating when you are working so hard and people scam you like this.

I would like to know what are you guys doing to tackle it? Or how can I avoid these instances from repeating?

Thank you.

There are some scammers who do this to try and get free work done. How many times has this happened to you? Is it happening with repeat buyers or new ones?

One thing to do is start to really take notice of buyers initial messages to you. If there is anything that seems difficult or suspect, then you should do an immediate mutual cancellation first, before you do the job.

I think this happens from time to time around here, but if it is happening all the time to you, so much so that the percentage is really high then maybe take a look at your gig description and maybe put a note that buyers must contact you first before ordering, things that will deter a possible scammer.

Also, which gig is this happening on?

Is it legit on Reddit to be selling what you are selling here? Have you read full t he Reddit Terms of Use? Most third party sites like facebook and twitter have rules about buying likes and subscribes and it’s not legal to do so, so some people have had their accounts suspended on twitter/facebook. So I am wondering if that has any impact on anything you are experiencing.

Reply to @sincere18: I have been active on fiverr since 2 month.

1 time in the previous month and 3 from the start this month.

They are new accounts. They have email verified, no display pictures.

Reply to @sincere18: orders are being cancelled by Fiverr risk management team. They told me that they had a problem with payment method of the buyer.

So, if they had any problem with the services they would have filed a dispute here on fiverr rather disputing the payment.

Reply to @facebookemails1: Ok, so then the way you are explaining it now, the buyers are not actually cancelling gigs after they were completed. It is Fiverr that is cancelling them and not the buyers. And if it’s the risk management team it probably has to do with fraud.

If they are new accounts, anyone can verify an email, so it sounds like maybe they are scammers using fake paypal accounts or stolen credit cards or something.

Which gig is this happening on?

Reply to @sincere18: exactly. They are doing it intentionally.

It’s happening mostly with Windows VPS Gig.

If someone does a charge back on the gig they bought from you then that will happen. it really sucks because Fiverr does not know how to stop them. They just let the charge back happen and then they close that user’s account. They can still resign up though, so it really doesn’t hurt them. But yes, buyers can do a charge back on their purchases and the funds will be taken back from your account. Even after the 14 days it takes to “process” the order. Which makes me think they make us wait that long for no reason whatsoever.

Reply to @facebookemails1: I do not know what VPS gigs are all about, so is that something you might have to maybe modify?

And be on the lookout for brand new buyers. Does your gig say please contact me before ordering? Maybe you should put that in there at the top, this way if someone tries to place an order without contacting you, you can do a mutual cancellation for that reason, just tell them politely that is why.

Reply to @sincere18: yeah. May be I need to look out for new buyers

Reply to @customrapsongs: Exactly, that’s what I am talking about. They intentionally do it. And fiverr doesn’t know what to do.

Fiverr should come up with something to prevent this.

i have same issue, first buyer accept delivery and make the order as complete with positive reviews but now after few days buyer claimed for refund all money. Now what i do? i contact with fiverr support, he asked me for its your wish you want to cancel this order.

Reply to @facebookemails1: part of that issue may be because Fiverr will not want to rock the boat with paypal for example, because they use paypal to pay out revenues. So they want to keep a good relationship with paypal.

Reply to @sincere18: yeah. But this good relationship thing has gone too for! People are doing it alot these days. The word is getting out there pretty quick. Fiverr has to come up with some sort of system to protect sellers from such incidents.

Reply to @facebookemails1: How often has this happened to you?

Reply to @itsharpreet: I also got this experience once. and now after somebody message me before they placing new order, I googled their user name first.

some fake account can spot easily.

usually true buyer also use same user name for their other social media account (such instagram or twitter) and the fake one doesn’t.

maybe you can try this. just in case…

there’s nothing you can do once it’s happening. so the better way to deal with it is only being more selective, especially if the buyer account is still fresh.

Reply to @sincere18: thrice, since the beginning of this month.

Reply to @facebookemails1: WEll is there anything that is similar with all these buyers? It may be better to do a mututal cancellation before you start working on a job, that way you at least won’t waste your time doing a job.

And what exactly are these VPS gigs really all about? 3 times in 8 days does seem like a lot. This is a legal gig right?

Reply to @sincere18: yes. It is legal.

All of them are new accounts.

Today I avoided a scam. I checked his profile. It was new. I kept waiting for sometime. That account was removed by fiverr after few hours.

I am pretty sure, he was going to scam me after I deliver the work.

So I have found the trick to avoid these situations. which is to WAIT for new profiles.