Orders Completed Percentages All Messed Up Now


Now if I get a buyer who orders by mistake or doesn’t read my gig description carefully, I get a lower percentage on my Orders Completed when it gets canceled. That’s not right. It should only count if the seller can’t deliver what was promised.


Yes, you’re right. If a buyer ordered by mistake, it’s not sellers fault and not logical to decrease sellers reputations.
I’m a new seller and it bothers me a lot. :frowning: but that’s the way how the system works :confused:


Maybe this will help:


Yep. Welcome to orders completed limbo. You can have a buyer who says nothing but “Hi” in their order details and you will still have to suffer falling delivery ratios, even if you ask customer service to cancel the order. (I’ve tried this).

If it helps, from recent experience, I’ve found that negative reviews don’t affect future sales nearly as much as falling order completed rates. In this case, you might want to just deliver exactly what you say you will in your gig, even if this means writing a 300-word blog just about the word “Hi.”


This just confirms the insane new rules. Fiverr just keeps making sellers’ lives difficult.