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Orders Completed Rate won't Impact your Gig ! Are you serious Fiverr?


It is my first forum post in here, So If I have any mistake, please let me know. I am here to report one problem.

About 20 days ago my Orders Completed Rate was 100% :unamused:. Till now I have five order cancel, four from Mutual Cancellation and rest one by Support. After that my Orders Completed Rate reduced to 86% :disappointed_relieved:. I thought it is a bug as many of my friends reported that they have the same problem on the same day. So I did not go seriously as it happens to most of the sellers.


Three days ago, One of my clients asked me to place a Custom Order for him. I did send a custom order, that time I was trying to send a message in chat, but the message was not delivering. After a few hours later I found that my chat message sent twitch. Also on the top of my client icon, I found I sold him four times, but it should be one only as he did order me previously.

After 6-9 hours later he asked me that he was trying to place an order that night and order were not going through and now found he did order three times.

After that I checked my orders and found one order waiting, I just delivered it. However, the problem is Now I found there is two order waiting in my dashboard and it showing that he did order it three days ago that I never noticed. Just noticed today, not only that I saw one just appeared after a few minutes later another appeared. I can confirm that he did not order now. After that situation, my Orders Completed Rate reduced to 83%, :pensive: which very scared for me. I thought it is a bug and will fix, but It hampered my account. I informed in details in a support message. However, posting here as I saw one of my friends has the same problem, and he did ask Fiverr support, they did cancel those two of his extra orders, but two cancellations were added. Now I think same drama could happen with me. It was my mistake that I shouldn’t sent custom order that day :disappointed:.


Hi, I had a similar problem, A customer said that while placing an order, fiverr crashed and they said him that they would email him when the order would be completed. After that he placed the same order twice, so we obviously cancelled one of those. Then, my completed order rate has been reduced. Asked help to the support team how to solve that, since the cancellation wasn’t due to my mistake. But they said that completed orders rate is only to inform me, without any impact, which is in contrast with what they say on that says: “can also be a factor that influences your Gig’s position in search rankings”.

What’s the right answer? as support says is not important or like fiverr says it has an impact on my gig position in search rankings?


Same message with me too. They just added one thing that is the Good cancellation and bad cancellation which will not impact on my business. Don’t know how Fiverr could troll with use, Last month I have 3x order then this month, and per gig, my impression was 2K+ not below than 500. The previous day I went my account on vacation mode, and joined Up work. I know there is no one to hear such kind of mess in Fiverr.


There are several bugs and new features in here that have already been discussed at length on the forum.

The payment problem has cropped up a couple of times in other threads. Only CS can help.