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"Orders Completed" Update Time?


How long does it take for the “Orders Completed” metric on a seller’s profile to get updated? I recently finished 2 (and got reviewed on them), yet my profile still shows 88% completion rate.


Perhaps it only counts once the payment has cleared?


Each completion has far less impact on your completion rate than one cancellation dropping out the backend of the 60 day window. Based on my order flow, it will take 12 deliveries without a cancellation to improve my completion rate by one percentage point. Mine is the same as yours, 88% , up from 87%, a dozen deliveries ago. Your rate can also go down if completed orders drop off the back of your 60 day window but cancellations were more recent.


Yes, I do understand this, but I had just completed 2 orders the same day and my percent stayed at 88% despite it being 88% earlier the same day.