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Orders Declining Rapidly I'm Trying To Figure Out Reason. Help

I have been on Fiverr about 6 weeks. At first, I had a very slow start. 1 order in my first week. But, after that, orders came pouring in. In 3 weeks, I had over 20 orders delivered. All of my feedback has been great. Now, orders have dwindled to next to nothing for almost a week and a half. I’m getting worried and wondering what’s up. Any ideas ?

It’s Christmas. That’s not to say there’s no buyers, but by the 22nd December, people are winding down, maybe flying to stay with relatives for the holidays etc. Even without the holidays, it’s perfectly normal to have lean periods as a freelancer. If you’re really worried, you can start promoting yourself through the usual channels.

Fiverr gives a boost to new sellers by displaying their gigs in the most seen sections, mostly the “recommended” section. Now you are in the slower period when it will be more gradual.

Trust me… I feel ya! I’ve been on Fiverr since 2011 and am wondering where all of the business has gone! Is the market too saturated?

I also say it’s just the holiday. I always see a dip around Christmas and New Years. It’s kinda nice because this year, I actually had a mini vacation but now I’m ready to get the crazy queue up and running again.

I think misscrystal is right in your case. New sellers do get a boost and so it can be a bit of a shock when this advantage is removed. You can still do well on fiverr, it will just happen more slowly. You could always try Buyer requests. It definitely feels slow generally at the moment though, it’s true.

My sales also declined drastically. I don’t know why. Even my gig views dropped to zero. Some says it is because of Christmas vacation. But I am going through a tough time.