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Orders delivered but no reviews

I have completed 21 orders but 6 clients did not leave a review. what is the problem with them…they say that they are satisfied but why didn’t leave review???

Any tip to handle such clients?? I am too much tensed about it.


It is the prerogative of a buyer as to whether or not they wish to leave a review.

The majority of your buyers have left a review.

No need to get tensed up about it.


Buyers are not obligated to leave a review. Some will and some won’t. It’s their choice. You just have to accept that an move on.


yes but this is not fair. They should give value to our hard work by appreciating our work.

yeah.thanks a lot
but this is not fair

No problem, there are loyal buyers but they don’t put reviews.

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Very pleased to hear that they are all loyal :slight_smile: @cherboub

“Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer.”

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Buyers know that and it is their decision. You have to respect that.


Most buyers forget to leave reviews, others didn’t like the work but don’t want to say anything negative, did like the work but are wary about their privacy (people with real name accounts), or might have forgotten they placed an order in the first place.


It may not seem fair, but there’s not much you can do about it. And, as I said before, it’s their choice. Just deliver your best work and :crossed_fingers:t3: that they will leave a review.

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Also because some buyers don’t like to see reviews on their profiles. Sometimes they are sellers.


yeah this could be the great reason

yeah IN SHA ALLAH next time would try my best

thank you sooo much for great comments

thank you so much for your time and precious tips

Yes! Just move on! Nothing more, nothing less.

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thank you so much…

They give value and show their appreciation by paying you.

Do you leave a review for every product or service you purchase? If not, how would you feel if someone called you ungrateful because of it?


If your getting reviews at between 50-80 %
This is an average I think

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yeah got it
and feeling regret

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