Orders delivery time is too quick?


I have some questions about gig delivery rate hoping to get some answers.

My question is does the rate at which you deliver your orders affect your fiverr rankings? Lets say for example i got 50 orders today and delivered all 50 in 5 minutes even if my gig said “5 days delivery time” will that affect my fiverr rankings?


I don’t know if it will affect your ranking, but I assume it might trigger some internal Fiverr alerts if you do this consistently over a period of time - again, I’m just assuming based on what I’d do if I was Fiverr :slight_smile:

However, do keep in mind that delivering orders so quickly can significantly decrease your buyers’ perceived value of your gig - they will think you’re using a lot of automation, templates, free tools and such, all of which will attract negative reviews, and those will affect your rankings :wink:


Ok Thank you, because i always try to deliver my orders on time, also provide proof of completion to my buyers which they are satisfied with the results of my work.

But there are times i can also deliver the project quicker than my average specified time but i was wondering if this was going to cause an issue with Fiverr or my Rankings.