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Orders don't appear on Dashboard

I just got a message from a customer asking me when his order will be delivered and that “it’s already delayed for 2 days”… the funny thing is, this order NEVER showed up on my Fiverr Dashboard which I fully rely on, since I get many orders a day.

I now offered the customer to cancel the order - which he did - so that he can have his money back and I still worked on the file for him.

This is a serious issue that should be fixed. I cannot keep track of all the orders outside of Fiverr. That would just take up too much time and I also can certainly not afford working for free every time this might happen again… especially when it’s not even my fault. :confused:

Does anyone else have this issue?

Great, now I even got a 1-star review on my Gig although it wasn’t my fault in the first place… I already contacted the Fiverr support about this already.

I had the same issue only difference is, my buyer had placed an imaginary order. When you contacted support, what did they say?

I didn’t get an answer so far, but I will tell you as soon as I receive one. :slight_smile:

Hey phantompower,
Here is the answer of the support:

Thank you for reaching out to us and sorry to hear of this. The missing notification appears to have occurred due to an issue that occurred a few days ago where the system has not sent notifications for new orders. This should now be resolved for future orders. Please let us know if you require further assistance.

Now I’m just waiting for them to remove my 1-star review…

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That was my main concern also, will they actually remove it or simply ask you to plead with the buyer. Yesterday one of my repeat buyers told me that he had just placed an order but it wasn’t reflecting. When I clicked on the messages it asked me to communicate on the order page but when I clicked on the order page it took me back to the inbox messages. So I told him that I would simply inbox him the final output. Not sure why this happens.

Well so far they removed it every time I asked them. (Of course I also had good reasons for the other removals.) It would be quite unfair if they didn’t remove that one, since it wasn’t my fault at all…

If I were you, I would also contact support just in case. The counter of the order might be ticking in the background somewhere… :confused:

So, now they also removed the 1-star feedback. Thanks Fiverr!

It just happened to me! Thank God I keep a thorough track of all orders and I don’t have a huge amount of them, otherwise I’d be screwed.

My dashboard as of now:

However, if I go to the “manage sales” menu…


Crazy :dizzy_face:
Yes, I’m also lucky not to have too many orders at the same time, but still it happened. Be very careful with that. So annoying… :expressionless:

It’s good to know that Fiverr actually removed the one star rating.
Just yesterday, I received a email saying that I’m late in delivering an order.
I was like uhh?! I do not see any late order in my to do page.
Glad to hear that this was a bug.

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Same happened to me few days ago and it costs me a level demotion :disappointed_relieved: