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Orders don't start---even if the buyer puts the needed information

I have orders not starting even though the buyer puts the needed information. The nudge nudge button is there.

Under it I see the buyer has put the information I need but the order does not start. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yep… I am… I’ve gotten one article like this. Plus, the client messaged me through the messaging system with his requirements, and if I know him well enough, he’s sent me links to work on. They’re not showing up either. .

Just got to love the Fiverr bugs on a Monday morning.

It finally corrected itself about an hour later… I’m not having issues now… thankfully… but if they do, I’ll be sure to mention that.


I am new to Fiverr and I could never imagine that one of the most reputable websites on earth can have a bug like this one.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: I told my buyers to try buying my gig through their PC or Mac instead of the app and it worked. CS suggested this.

This just happened on one of the orders I received.

Does anyone know the solution?

This happened to me as well! I keep getting notified that by Fiverr that the order was updated by the buyer but I see no update or instructions whatsoever on the order page. I tried asking the buyer about it and he says he’s updated it lots of times.

It ended that we had to mutually cancel the order since the buyer needed the gig done quickly and he was out of time (if I still went and asked Customer Support)… I haven’t talked to Customer Support about this lately yet, I wonder how many of us Fiverr sellers are affected?

It’s really annoying because the bug can affect our sales and may piss off some impatient buyers…

UPDATE: The buyer managed to place the order properly. I’m not sure what happened, or how he did it. I suggested writing in the Buyer Requirements field (maybe he entered his instructions as a message on the order page, not in the proper field? Is it even possible? I never bought on Fiverr, so I don’t know) or clicking on the Start Order button if he sees one.

I have no idea what he did, or whether he did anything, but he managed to place the order (and I did the order, he downloaded it fine, asked for some revisions, I did them, and he couldn’t download revised work, so I sent it through a 3rd party service).

The whole experience was really annoying.