Orders drop rate


Hey guys, did anyone noticed that in last week or two there was some lower rates of orders or any customers contacting you, not sure if this is only me or others have experienced this as well.


I was OOO for 10 days, but I did notice that only two regular seller contacted me through my inbox and usually more do. :thinking:


13 days there is no order.


Thank you both, so I guess maybe it is the holiday season so people aren’t really starting any kind of projects. It was kinda weird usually I have every day someone contacting or ordering, not that I am new seller. Hope it will get better now.


This month has been the slowest all year for me, especially the last two weeks. Last year November was a terrific month.

Worst month Since December 2017 :(

It’s been okay for me but not as good as May which was the best month.


Yeah, same here. I had some orders but not as much as I usually do. Can’t remember when was the last time that I had only 4 delivered and nothing active.


Ive noticed their current Yo-Yo algorithm is more of a pendulum right now. I usually see a pattern of my best gigs slump and then rocket a couple of days later. Right now my least popular gigs are picking up steam. All very odd because my gigs are always well positioned regardless.


some days is no order…


Here is why. They are showing the gigs of our competitors, on our gig pages. They have done this periodically over the years and it’s always the same thing. It’s very predictable that sales will drop off.

It diverts buyers from actually buying.


i have noticed it tooo , The gig positioning Has something wrong … !


But it could help your sales if the buyer is on a competitors gig and then sees your gig on the competitor’s page.


Unfortunately it doesn’t. Taking them off the page where the sale will be made, the place that they will finally be convinced to make a purchase, only to present large ads for the same thing from other sellers, kills sales.

To make a sale you need to strike while the iron is hot as we say, and that is when they see the description and reviews on the sales page. It’s always the same effect on our sales.

They see the description, decide it sounds really good, perfect in fact, decide just to confirm with a look at the reviews for the gig but just before they get to them they see some big ads for the same exact thing from other sellers.

So they forget about seeing the reviews to confirm their almost there to buying decision and instead leave. :frowning_face:


Yeah, I am also of 1st or 2nd page when I look for some gigs but yet, kinda low atm.


Is this something new, or is around for quite some time? Haven’t really noticed the drop earlier, but this month is kinda low.


Well, at this point not sure if Fiverr is dieing, or people just spent way too much $ on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. xD


Hey there, I was going through the issues. I guess it the season for Graphics Designers and Brand Promoters as because Christmas is coming soon. Though being a Web Service Provider and a Designer we might get landing pages orders soon. But i don’t find any buyer requests with good flow. Still umm okay with it… :blush: :slight_smile:


Yeah, thinking the same, but yet nobody is kinda weird. I can’t tell how it was last years since at this time I was a new seller so it was normal for me not to have people contacting me, but now is weird.


Yeah you being a Level 2 seller and getting jobs is pretty much weird. But maybe buyers are looking something different rather than what you are offering. Anyways don’t be upset. Your luck and days are not favoring you nowadays maybe. I am going through the same situation. I am a new seller with only some few reviews.Though i am a Pro Developer . Life is good :smile: :slight_smile:


@misscrystal Your comment explains it all maybe. Nice point. :blush: