Orders dropped from May 2016


from May 2016 my orders dropped, I updated my gigs, keywords, images and description, but still same problem I’m facing, any one facing same problems?

Thanks advance


Oh yes, and my sales are now nearing zero since about April as well. I tried everything that is in the book and nothing works, except when promoting on my social media, but nothing coming from Fiverr sources.


yes Sir its true, I don’t know what is the reason? may be potential buyers is not relay on Fiverr.


May be now the buyers are more than the sellers here…my sales are dropping too…dont know the reason…may be this time when very less sellers are looking for there job to be done here at fiverr…


Supply and demand is a real thing ya know. When you have an overwhelming number of similar services, and demand isn’t high, these things happen.


I was cheking Fiverr ranking on Alexa, in March Fiverr ranking according to Alexa 470 but now 566 and continuously dropping.


Now now, basic economics might be a stretch too far for some.


i don’t think it’s about how fiverr is performing…its all about our services and advertisements…fiverr is doing his job but we are missing the thing which will bring the sellers to us…many of us are getting so many projects here but we aren’t. Trying to do the best as i can…