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Orders dropped with 80%+ ?!?

Hi there! I was wondering… since Fiverr has made some changes the last 1,5 months, my orders on my PowerPoint Gig decreased rapidly. Last week, even the views dropped from round about 50 per day to 5 per day. I first thought it was a seasonal effect, but right now, I’m not even visible when searching on my keywords (normally, I was mentioned on the first page, no. 3 to no. 8, when searching on “Powerpoint templates”). I’ve changed my keywords already, matching others on the same page, but nothing seems to help. Contacting the Fiverr team only leads to a copy / pasted story about “read the guide for beginners, look what you’re offering, not too similar to others etc.”. I have the highest feedback score + the highest feedback numbers on this particular kind of Gig!

Does someone have the same experience? Or does somebody maybe can explain what’s going on (and… what to do about it?).


Yes I have also observed the decrease in buyer activity. But there are sellers who are still getting good impressions, clicks and orders. It could be because of new updates and the ongoing testing but not sure.

I think this occur frequently, by something called “rotation”. I experienced this many times, but anyway it seems these times all were short-term. In the long-term everything goes right.

I can feel same change in my orders as well. May be fiverr is preparing for something new. :slight_smile: