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Orders expired one hour earlier than they should have today


So I got an order that had a 24-hour delivery. However, it expired 23 hours later, causing a late delivery by a couple of minutes.

I triple checked all times recorded on Fiverr, the time when I received the corresponding acceptance e-mail, subsequent messages by the customer, and my own records (I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of order deadlines, which is why I’ve never missed one in almost 3 years).

I’m guessing the server switched back from Daylight Saving Time, which fuzzed up the calculations. Where I am we don’t do DST.

Already contacted CS about it, but thought it’d be worth giving you guys a word of warning in case you were in my situation.


Hadn’t thought about that one - we started BST here today so the clocks went forward an hour.

Hope it doesn’t affect you too badly. :sunny:


The countdown sometimes starts at 22:59 instead of 23:59

When this happen, please contact to CS.


Thank you for the information. We would be aware of this.


These things can happen.

Recently my buyer was not able to leave feedback as it shows him “Thanks for feedback” when contacted CS they told to tell him clear cache. After following step buyer said to have left review for 2 orders and I got review notification after 2 hours.

Some stranage things happen here on Fiverr


Very true.(20 characters)