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Orders for level 2 seller

I am a level 2 seller, till mid of December I was receiving bunch of orders every day, and all of sudden it stopped and I found myself on the 5th or (nowhere) page of the gig search in between new sellers? What’s that all about?


The ranking of gigs in the search results is very dynamic. Fiverr is constantly moving the order of the gigs around!

Take a look at this Forum thread, it might answer your question of why new sellers are ranked above you in the search results:


Unfortunately, this is how the algorithm works, for good or bad. I had almost 0 traction for 15-20 days and then suddenly got a huge barrage of messages and orders and now my gig is back to normal and on the front page. It’s very random and unpredictable!

Thank you guys, it makes sense.

Don’t worry. It will be bounce back on past position. But need sometime