Orders from the same Buyer


I am a new seller (Article writer). A few days ago, I completed an order, the client said to me if he liked my style, he would give me his next work. I worked efficiently, he marked 5 stars review and placed another order and asked me to work permanently for him, now I have to ask two things:

  1. If you take order from the same buyer, is there any issue, I mean is there any possibility that Fiverr mark it spam?
  2. Some tips to attract other buyers, because even you are good at your work, people don’t know it or come to new sellers.

Asad sultan


How can this be spam? I have worked for a buyer 5 times, I didnt got spam warning whatsoever but I am still new here so someone else will confirm.


What you WANT is orders from the same buyer. As long as you aren’t bothering your clients with messages soliciting orders from them, it isn’t spam-it’s repeat business.


Thanks for your answer.


Getting repeat orders is a good business. A buyer orders you repeatedly only because your works are good. Carry on.


I found repeat order would not considered as a spam. So don’t worry and carry on.


Thanks for your solicitous response, Sir.