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Orders going through without confirmation

I’m overbooked and can only accept orders from some of the repeat byers but I keep recieving new orders without confirmation. Now I had to set my gig status to ovebooked and cancel these orders either by contacting the support or via dispute wich affects my completion rating. Why there’s no confirm or decline option before the order is going through? Is this a bug or that’s how the site works?


This is obviously not a bug.
That’s how fiverr works, and that’s written in TOS that you signed and ticked the box that you read and understood it.

That’s one of the features that fiverr is proud about and that makes them different from other platforms that buyers don’t have to wait for the sellers reply and can just purchase a gig that they like right away.


Last time I asked CS about this, they told me and I quote: “Hmmm, to be honest with you, we don’t know why this is happening”. “That” being the orders coming through when I limited the number of orders in queue and the gig status was “overbooked”.


I think the OP didn’t yet set his gigs for out of the office mode. At least that’s how it sounds.

The profile is in “out of office” mode. But either way, I had instances with orders coming through both “overbooked” and “out of office” mode. Fiverr doesn’t work very well when it comes to trying to control the workflow in my experience.

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I’ve had them come through from people I blocked.

What about to:

a) limit orders in queue
b) play with delivery time of gig
c) raise price a bit

or some combination of above?

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That’s not very convenient to say the least. So basicaly as a byer you can set the minimum price for a lot of work or request something that seller is not even capable of doing. Interesting. I guess I’m just gonna cancel these orders like I did before:) Thanks for your replies everyone.