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Orders have dropped

Hi everyone!

Seeking expert advice on how I can rectify this. I used to be a level 2 seller on fiverr not too long ago, had to take a break for personal reasons. Got demoted to level 1, and haven’t gotten the same response/exposure ever since.
A question for the experienced sellers of Fiverr.
Can you please advise me on what I should do? Missing the glory days.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration!


I usually do expect level 2 sellers being more proactive in their research and ability to build successful business.

You have only 5 min read time on the forum and that will help you a lot if you’ll start sound a research and reading all the advices that were already given million times.


It depends on your current response rate. If it’s bad… It will take a-lot of effort to go back to level 2.

Oh yah… you have a-lot more competition now. Welcome back.

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Hard work. And more hard work outside Fiverr.
Social media but not just sharing links to your gigs in random posts but looking every day at what is happening, what is relevant in the world, and creating a post about it, connecting it to the services you offer.

Like last week, yellow flowers were trending. I focused on promoting my overlay Obs gig with my yellow flower sample set and gave free samples on my YouTube page and Instagram; I devoted it to yellow flowers overlay.

It takes time to build a social media presence that converts to orders.

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