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Orders in limbo?

There are 4 orders that I have in my queue - some almost 3 months old where the buyer never submitted information. I even have an order where the buyer spent the extra $15 to have 1 day delivery and they never entered information. In this situation what should I do? Should I leave the orders in hopes that the buyer one day comes back and enters the information or should I cancel them? I have messaged the buyers numerous times and have received no response.

If anyone has had a similar situation and found a solution feel free to chime in - thanks!!

I have dozens of them going back years and see no reason to do anything about them.

You can just leave them, they’re not going to do any harm except inflate your future revenue numbers. I did email Customer Support to get rid of a whole bunch last year and they were happy to help, just told me to take a screenshot of my to-do list and let them know if the deletion messed it up (it didn’t). I did see someone–can’t remember who–say that this might count against you but I don’t think it would. Besides, you’d already be talking to CS at that point so you could check.

I’ll probably clear my backlog out soon. Maybe next month. One of them is quite amusing. They changed their mind, so I initiated the cancellation, they clicked the wrong button and initiated another cancellation, we had a small “hoho” moment about it then I bloody went and did the same thing.

I was too embarrassed to repeat it!

Personally, I do cancel them after a nudge and a week or more. There is no penalty for cancelling before the order starts, so I just do it myself through the resolution center. The reason for me is that I don’t want to be caught off guard.

If I go on a vacation or have to be out for medical reasons I can use vacation mode or pause, but that won’t stop those orders from going active if a buyer suddenly comes back. If the gig had a fairly short delivery time, it could go late or even get a late cancellation review while I’m away. I suppose if you don’t ever think something unexpected could happen and you have perfectly reliable internet, there’s no reason to worry though.

Yeah you are right it might be best to just let them hang around a little longer. It is definitely frustrating that someone would spend $45 on something and then just disappear and never return.

This is something I had not considered… Thanks for sharing.