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Orders in Queue not Limited

I set a limit of 2 orders at a time cuz that’s all I can handle mentally, along with my job, and yet Fiverr doesn’t seem to respect that. I’m happy and excited people are ordering, but I can’t handle this many orders at once! All of my orders are new buyers, so I don’t understand how the they were able to purchase after the second order was started.

I don’t care who it is or how much money they’re willing to throw at me, I can’t handle more than 2 at a time. That’s the whole point of an order limit! No more means no more.

Dying from the stress and finding this whole situation borderline unethical,



I had this issue a few months back, and I believe Customer Support’s response was, “here is how to limit your order”… :joy:

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Ah yes, here is the ticket.

Basically, the button is broken. I went back and forth with CS about this for so long, I eventually gave up. My ticket kept getting handed over to another agent and no one would answer my question directly.

When you want to limit your orders, you have the option to:

A. Keep your direct link active, so that a person with a link to your gig can still place an order.
B. Turn your direct link active mode to OFF.

BUT GUESS WHAT?? Anyone with a link to your gig can still place an order either way! It doesn’t matter if you toggle the on/off button.

I tried getting an answer out of CS about why the button was even there if anyone with a link to my page can still order, and they just kept reiterating “anyone with a link to your gig can order.”

So basically, there is no fix as of now! You will have to put yourself into Out of Office mode and potentially suffer the consequences of that, or set your delivery time to be very long to accommodate for any new orders.

I CANNOT understand why this is not explicitly laid out to sellers so that they understand exactly how the feature works. My only explanation is that it isn’t intended to function this way :woman_shrugging:


Or pause the gig whenever there are 2 orders in the queue, and unpause it once the orders are delivered.


Doesn’t make sense… So, basically, if you advertise your service at all, then forget about order limits, because anyone could click the link and order anyway. The better the advertising campaign, the more orders you get, because everyone has a direct link to you. 10, 100, 1000 orders? Too bad. They had a direct link.

Limiting orders should limit it to custom orders only and, believe me, I would charge dearly for the privilege of entering the queue when I’m overbooked.

Isn’t that the point of an order limit though?

It is, but since the order limit doesn’t work as we’d like it to, this might help.

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Setting a longer delivery timeline (or slowly working it up if you’re afraid of putting off potential buyers) can really, really help lower your stress level especially if you only take two orders at a time.

It can be really unnerving when those things aren’t working as they should. I also since a while have the issue that when I turn on out of office mode that new people can still message me, even though I didn’t tick that checkbox that allows new people to contact you in spite of out of office mode.
Not nice, especially when you turned on out of office mode because you’re sick and then find yourself facing those accusing :clock11: symbols in the message box.
It used to work and I have no idea why it doesn’t anymore. I hope it will be fixed eventually but it still happens, my ticket is still open, my hopes are low. Guess trips of 24+ hours to anywhere I might not have wifi are on the blacklist now.

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Same here. I thought that maybe the person who contacted me has found a direct link somehow, but no; when I asked them, they’ve confirmed that the green contact button was right there on my profile.

They were nice and willing to wait and I ended up with a 5 star review, but what if I haven’t been able to respond?


My delivery times are already pretty lengthy, with 21 days for my Premium offering during the school year, when I am teaching.

In any case, I contacted Fiverr support and basically, they said that the Order Limit only removes you from active listing and if they have the direct link, from bookmarking it earlier or from an advertisement, a Google search, or even word of mouth, they can still order.

When I asked if that meant that if I, hypothetically, had a super-successful advertising campaign and got 1,000 orders at once that I’d be expected to fill them even with an Order Limit of 2, they responded that, yes, that is what would happen.

So basically, the Order Limit does nothing and you need to Pause your gig manually, which removes it entirely.

What I wish would happen is that the Gig still shows up live, but all of the purchase options are greyed out, with only the option to contact the Seller. That way, people can still save/bookmark it, or try to contact you to see if they can be “squeezed in.”


Yeah I don’t really understand why they’ve chosen to do it the way it is now. I’m not really sure who it benefits, and it’s definitely not obvious that it functions that way when you limit your orders.

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Interesting- definitely good food for thought. Thanks for sharing what you found (even though I know you’re frustrated) as it’s really helpful for the rest of us.

Ah, thank you, that’s valuable info. It should say something like that when you use the limit orders in queue function though. I hope they might consider adding that as a tool tip or something after having seen your case; if you’re still in conversation with them, maybe suggest that, it might help other sellers who also rely on the limit orders in queue feature.