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Orders In Queue Not shown anymore!

Are you joking!! that was one of the best selling points!!!

Costumers could see how many orders you had waiting and see how many people truly liked your gig!!!

Now that’s gone!!!

Are they just trying to make to even harder for sellers here to sell???

I’m at this point so lost!!!

It comes and goes. Two different versions of gig display on the site are apparently active, mine swap frequently. One of them still has the orders in queue. Buyers don’t really need to know how many people are ahead of them, just the amount of time it is going to take. It’s been talked about a lot on the forum over the last month. It’s an irritation but not going to hurt business.

It will but also so will the new order page they see.

More anymore I just don’t no.

Version 1 was the best hated Version 2 like crazy.

I fear to see Version 4.

I don’t believe it will really hurt, but as a buyer I did like to see other people purchasing but it was all about wait time and reviews in the end. But that point on the new order form is spot on. It’s already completely confused several customers and I’ve had to actually go through the order process with them. It’s not that much different but it seems to be making things more difficult for buyers.

I’m one of those people sitting back and hoping like a good little fiverrling that v4 will actually clean up and completely organize the site for both buyers and sellers… HAHAHA no, no, couldn’t keep a straight face. That will never happen.

Reply to @rebelnation:

“I expect this in 24 hours” is not something any seller has to heed when a buyer can clearly see the duration and they haven’t paid express fees, the same way that “I have so many orders” is not an excuse for late delivery.

Buyers know the circumstances of time-frame when they order and a seller’s work-load isn’t a buyers problem. This is why we have both the option of setting an express fee and a Days of Average timer to set.

It’s hardly “wrong” to say the only thing buyers need to see is the duration, simply because the amount of people in front of them doesn’t determine the time-frame they can expect their product in.

That answer is always the same: Expect it before the timer ends.

For your issue, maybe casually remind those customers that they can expect their delivery within the duration indicated by the Days on Average when they ordered and if they need it sooner can arrange to pay an express fee.

All that said, I still prefer being able to see it and it being displayed just because of the confidence it seems to bring customers if it shows that others have trusted the seller enough to order. In the end we’re stuck with whatever Fiverr decide to do after all this (what I’m calling) beta skin flipping. There are bigger problems with this site and while this is a silly move I really don’t believe it’s going to mean “the end of business as we know it”.

Reply to @inkpetal: Actually I disagree, I get what you mean and everything, but “Buyers don’t really need to know how many people are ahead of them” … wrong.

See this brings up another problem, buyers expecting to get the delivery pretty much in 24 hours, without knowing how much work we’ve already got in our hands, they’re gonna think they’re the only customers we have!

I was already experiencing this with the “orders in queue” showing… people ordering and saying “I expect to get this within 24 hours” (delivery time is set to 3 days and I have 15 orders in queue which puts a good 12 peoples orders ahead of this customers)

I’m so glad I’m not the only one outraged by this. Having the queue showing seems like such an obvious win/win for the seller and the buyer. My queue count has returned but it looks like because it’s reverted back the older format.

If Fiverr is listening, perhaps an ideal solution in the future would be to give the ability to the seller to turn the queue count on or off similar to work samples.

Reply to @inkpetal:

ok, good points but…

who said anything about late deliveries o.O ? I haven’t had any late deliveries since I started selling here and that was totally not my point. -_-

mine swap intermittently between the 2

Reply to @rebelnation:

I didn’t say you had late deliveries. I said it wasn’t an excuse for late deliveries on a sellers behalf the way it wasn’t an excuse for a buyer to demand overnight service as a matter of comparison. It was an illustration that there are two parties at play.

I’m sorry, it was early for me and it looks like I did miss your point. Did you mean that whether there’s a queue on display or not there will always be buyers who demand they are seen to first despite knowing there are jobs ahead of them, because I feel that - so much. Sorry again.

99% of my sales came from people seeing my queue and being like. “Hey he has other orders in queue, so i’m going to order from him!” I had a gig that barely anyone bought, but then one person orders and all of a sudden in less than 24 hours, a trail of about 5 more orders follow shortly behind them(and has happened quite a lot.). The queue count is actually very important and I love when it builds up as it attracts many more buyers.

I posted up a thread about this a while ago… i’m just glad it’s at least there to some degree still. I hope it goes back to constantly being there as I am sure they noticed a sharp decline in orders when they seemingly permanently disabled it for a while. I think right now as others are mentioning two different ways where it’s seen and not seen to test whether they should keep it or not… like they’re unsure, which in a sense is a good thing.