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'Orders in Queue' number off by 1


Since about a week or more now, my ‘orders in queue’ number continuously shows 1 less order than I actually have, for example, right now I have 5 active orders and the number shows as 4.
When I deliver an order or get a new one, the numbers change, but always it´s 1 off.


Mine is OK, but I do remember a few years back how my gig was always showing 1 order more than I had, and I was grateful for that as it made potential buyers think I had an order in queue, forcing some to pay for ExtraFast delivery :smiley: And I know others had more than one order showing besides than what they had, like 5 or so.

Mysterious are Fiverr’s internals.


Showing 1 more wouldn´t be that bad. :wink: And indeed they are.


Ohh… you were talking about that bug last day too. Isn’t it fixed yet? Did you contact the CS?


Not yet, I have contacted them so often lately that I thought I´ll just add it to the bug report category for now. I´ll send a ticket once my last one will be closed maybe, if it still is like this then.

ETA: The issue got resolved with an ‘account refresh’ by Customer Support. Thanks, Eddie!