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Orders in Queue- What are the benefits?


When a buyer clicks on your gig and it happens that you have some order you’re working on already, they will definitely see ‘X orders in queue’. But what are the business impacts of orders in queue?
Do orders in queue persuade the buyer to buy from you? Or do they make the buyer feel you’re already swamped with work and move on to the next available seller?

What advantage do sellers with a huge number of orders in the queue have over those that have less or none?
Let’s talk. Happy selling.


It depends on the buyer. Some will think that you must be awesome if you have tons of orders in the queue and will order from you because of that (and possibly scream at you because they didn’t get their delivery within a few hours), while some will think that you’re probably too busy to work on their order properly.


it will be useful for buyers to take decision


I am also on the similar opinion. Maybe the pros outweighs the cons. It’s a good thing I think


I avoid sellers with more than two orders in their queue. I will hire someone else.

If it’s a regular seller & I really want to hire, I wait until they are free then hire them.

I feel like any seller with more than 2 orders do NOT have time to dedicate towards giving me full attention.

I hate sellers that play games with me and wait until the last minute to deliver, even though they were done hours or days ago. Unless they communicated with me, I do give them benefit of doubt and instead of giving them a 2 star review under “Buy Again or Recommended” I just give no review, if the work is good.

I think it’s bad business practice to hold customers work hostage just to fake having a queue with tons of orders. The great thing about 5r is that there are other sellers with ethical values that also do amazing work.


I think the same, yet I see so many doing it :pensive: and the unfortunate thing is that I believe that’s what drives more sales to them :man_facepalming:


Why? :confused:


My objective all these years was to maintain a clean, tidy ToDo page, which means delivering faster than usual. I always liked having an empty inbox, empty ToDo page, etc., as it makes me feel relaxed.

But then I noticed how my empty queues stopped or decreased sales, and in the meantime competitors would have queues that increased every day more and more, even if their deliveries couldn’t possibly take that long.

I always see how they deliver their orders in the last day or last hour, and their queues increase like crazy.

So I’m now inclined to do the same to my shame :frowning:

– see :arrow_down: below post for proof :smiley:


Usually I get more orders the more orders I have in queue. But that might be just a general traffic spike in Fiverr and not related. :thinking:


Sometimes, though, great sellers do have queues, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Point of fact, right now, one of my gigs has 12 orders in queue. I promise each of those clients completion and delivery within 7 days, and I keep my promises. Seven days is fair and reasonable with all of the work, projects, meetings, and other things that fill up my days.

I also offer 3-day expedited completion, and I complete any orders with this deadline within those three days (bumped up ahead of the 7-day clients, if necessary). Keep in mind too, if a client purchases 7-day completion, and I have a 3-day completion option, I can’t be rushing to completing their 7-day order within 3-days. That isn’t appropriate, or fair to the clients that have PURCHASED my 3-day completion guarantee.

I think, instead of assuming things just because of a listed queue, buyers need to be mindful of the services provided, and the quality of that seller’s work. I, for example, am a top seller in my category (based upon experience, reviews, and seniority). Under your preferences, you wouldn’t hire me. However, nothing in how I do business here on Fiverr, would give you reason not to trust my quality or promise to deliver within the time-frame selected within your order.

Yes, I have a queue of 12 clients right now, but all of those orders will be delivered on time (within the time they purchased). There is nothing about my process that denies any client “my full attention”. I’m just good at what I do, and I keep my promises. This is why so many clients (and repeat clients) have hired me over the years.


I believe its an advantage, but i really dont know how some seller can maintain 15-25 orders in a day


How does a major shipping company handle hundreds of thousands of packages every day? Simple: resources, efficiency, and good time management. A good seller with many orders makes use of these same traits. :wink:



...and one of these:


When I bought something on Fiverr in the past I thought it was helpful, because I could make a rough estimate of the delivery time. Plus: what @catwriter already said. I thought the seller was very populair and good.
Nowadays I would ignore it as for everything ther are 25.000 other sellers for the same stuff.
In the past there was more fun stuff on Fiverr with a lot of unique gigs.


Amin to that! And Fiverr itself was more fun. Gosh I miss those times :pensive:

I guess unique gigs didn’t bring Fiverr the :money_with_wings: that similar gigs bring nowadays…


Yeah, right. I remember when there was one of the founders who had his own ranting video gig. He was hilarious. Once I bought a gig from somebody who impersonated an Italo-American mobster and looked like a little brother of Al Pacino.


It’s not that. Fiverr went corporate.

Too much seed money, they needed to grow up in order to make profit for investors.


Like what for example? :thinking:


I remember OG @Woofy31 shared a link with me. It featured a cool seller by the name of oldbittygrandma (I think that’s the username) she had an awesome hippie gig. She dressed up like one too and played the part well. LOVED IT! :heart: Groovy baby! :v:t4::sunglasses:


Yes, and people dressed as sausages jumping into pools or from buildings.
Letting themselves hit by a train or police car… ok, I’m exaggerating.