Orders in "Revision" status


Hi all,
Had a quick question. This hasn’t happened a lot, but I have this one order that was completed 2 weeks ago. The buyer sent it back to me as a revision, but in the notes stated that it was a placeholder for the client to review. The order now says “16 days late”. Does this affect my numbers/ranking on Fiverr? They still have one revision left. Should I send them a reminder via the “Deliver” button and inform them they have 3 days to request or use up their free revision? Help!


No, it won’t affect you if you made the first delivery on time.


Using the delivery button for anything other than a legitimate delivery will get your account suspended.

@mmh4560 please refrain from giving such specific advice next time you are not certain of what will happen.

@newsmike has it right.

@monniep if your client is not responding, message them via order page to remind them you still need their input, and if they don’t respond within 24 hours, message them via inbox as well.

Buyers should NOT use the “request revision” button unless a specific revision is requested. In the future do not allow for this behavior and notify CS immediately.


Please let me know about this.
I deliver a order on time but buyer ask me for revision not I’m find late delivery from order page.
Will It affect in my ‘‘Delivered on Time’’??


if you deliver on time, and the buyer asks for a revision, and the timer shows as LATE,
it WILL NOT affect your ratings in any way.


Thank you for your response. This has only happened once, and I wasn’t sure what to do. Thanks again.