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Orders incorrectly marked as late - any help?

Hi, folks; can you please help me understand what’s happening with an order? I made a custom offer on June 8th and delivered it on June 9th. After some time, on June 11th the client requested another order, so I sent a custom offer with a time frame of 24 hours for delivery.

When I sent the custom offer (June 11th) the deadline for the first gig had already passed (June 10th). When I sent the custom offer, I thought it would be a separate order, and even though it was just “tacked on” to the existing order, it should have given me the +24 hours that I requested to complete it. I mean, the buyer didn’t even accept the offer until just before midnight yesterday.

I submitted a ticket to customer support, but I don’t know what to expect. I don’t want to cancel this order - I want to keep this customer and the order we made together - but I believe that this order is incorrectly marked as late and I don’t know why this is happening. Has this ever happened to anybody else here?

please help me ,

The 24 hours would have added to original due date. The to-do list will display the wrong date (reported bug). But if you open the order, it will show the correct date with at the time added to original due date. At least that has been what I’ve seen so far.

In my experience Fiverr won’t help you, but they will scold you for being late.

I had something similar happen, when a buyer bought a gig extra after I delivered his order. The new gig extra that he purchased made the original gig show as “LATE” in big red letters even though I had delivered it. But I delivered the extra late and he was happy so nothing bad happened.

I hope CS can help you with this and also hope you come back and update us on what happened.

Here’s the answer:

Jenny Today at 06:28

Hello jamesbulls,

Thank you for contacting us!

At this time placing Gig Extra on an ongoing order reverts it to In Progress status, meaning that if Gig Extra was purchased after delivery deadline in the initial order passed order’s status becomes Late - sorry for any confusion with this. However, as long as seller successfully completes their work to buyer’s satisfaction having Late status in their order won’t affect account performance.

I hope this clarifies the issue!

So, I learned a new lesson today: Never, ever, ever start a new order for a buyer until the previous order has been marked as complete.