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Orders just sitting there -- buyers didn't enter instructions


I have 11 orders sitting in my “active orders” section. They’ve been there for months, I’ve sent numerous reminders. Why are buyers ok with just throwing away money like that? At least cancel it if you no longer want it…


It’s just one of those bit of the system that confuse buyers and sellers. I’m not so sure it isn’t that way by design. If only Fiverr were a public company then we could see how much of their books are filled with “future obligations” in the form of money they’ve taken for services unrendered.


Uhh… crazy. And I recently joined Fiverr and am yet to receive an order :smiley:


It doesn’t matter; ignore them. I send buyers 2 reminders, then do nothing with them. It’s not my responsibility to chase on their behalf. If they don’t care, then nor do I.


Well, you can ask for a cancellation. I think most of them don’t know how the system works, so after placing an order they notice the money is gone from their account, but they don’t really know how to get the work done.

Usually, I contact customer support for each order which remains incomplete.

(I think buyers might be discouraged by ‘‘loosing’’ their money this way & not use Fiverr again. But if they see the money get returned into their account they might give Fiverr another try. Hope that makes sense.)


Let’s not forget Fiverr will now punish you for giving your customers their money back by way of an increased Cancellation Rate. This is why I’ve started letting them pile up.

You can almost feel the love for honest sellers.


I want to know a seller’s cancellation rate. As a buyer.


To the best of my knowledge, you can’t. Which is great, because the cancellation rate system is now abysmal.


Really? I thought that by contacting Customer Support and having them cancel my orders it would not affect my cancellation rate. :weary:


I ordered a gig from a seller, after a few “i’ll get to it” messages, I see gig delivered, however no video (it was a video testimonial gig), it says a simple text message “I’ll get to it today, promise ;-)”

I contacted CS and they cancelled the order. Thar seller shows as 100% perfect. I think that the fact that they marked the gig as delivered but instead sent me that message with the winky smiley should reflect on her/his profile.

If your equipment gets damaged or something, I am flexible, but don’t fake-mark it delivered. Things like that is why I want to see why the cancellation. get it?


Me too. Then this happened:


All cancellations are taken into account when evaluating a seller. Fiverr is aware that some cancellations are inevitable, therefore, those types of cancellations will have a lower impact on your performance scores, which affect your ranking."

Yes, that should of course be reflected, but as it is, EXCELLENT sellers now may have higher cancellation rates than terrible ones.


I’ve let them pile up too, after I learned that I’d be punished if I have cancellations.