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Orders not changing from UPCOMING to CLEARING


I have MANY orders that have been completed for more than 3 days and are still showing UPCOMING, instead of CLEARING on my Revenues page. I have 2 orders that are showing upcoming, and were delivered and completed over 2 WEEKS ago! Anyone else having this issue?


UPDATE: I did hear back again from CS. Like previous post in this thread have said, with gigs with PHYSICAL products that need shipment, it does not auto complete in 3 days, it’s 14.


2 weeks? That’s not right… I should have been PAID for those by now! Not Waiting for the 2 week timer to start!!!


I’m not having this issue.

I agree, the clearing time is already quite long (understandably though) and having to wait an extra 2 weeks on top of the 14 to 17 day clearing period seems a bit outrageous.

I would contact customer support and ask if this is normal to happen sometimes. I am sure there is either a reason for it, or it’s simply a bug. Either way, support should be able to clarify or help. :slight_smile:


UPDATE: Very interesting… I did contact CS about this problem, and they did not reply back, but 10 min. later, the 2 gigs that were 2 weeks behind were MAGICALLY cleared, and now are showing “CLEARING” now I have ANOTHER 2 weeks to wait for those to funds to be available.

Keep an eye on your sales everyone… make sure they are clearing when they are supposed to.

I still have 2 other sales that were delivered on the 2nd of Feb, and these are still not clearing yet.


Reply to @madmoo: Oh yeah! I forgot about that… gigs that require shipping are a bit different. Auto-completion is 14 days instead of 3 days. So, this may very well be what is going on in this case.


Reply to @madmoo: Glad you mentioned that… I think we all were thinking it was some sort of bug or something. But Jetfumes does offer a lot of gigs that require shipping, so I think it’s a good possibility this is what is going on with his sales.


Reply to @madmoo: That sounds irritating, lol. But, it wouldn’t be fair for them to leave feedback before even receiving the product/service… so, it’s the right way to go about it even though it does mean less chance of getting feedback.


I am glad you asked I have a $25 dollar order clearing, I was going to wait for revisions as it is a resume gig but it had been about 5 days without contact. I figure if he doesn

t respond he does have 2 revisions on his resume, I took the time to find the right type of resume and research his field to make the best resume possible! put a lot or work into it!