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Orders not coming

Hello Fiverr Users!
It has been almost 3 months since I have created the account. The rating meter is going higher day by day and I almost stay online all the time 24x7 but still I am not getting orders or messages from the buyers. They just view, click and leave my gigs. Can anyone please tell me what is the problem with my gigs. Especially withSocial Media GIG and Assignments GIG. Please anyone help me with this.
This is the link to my account:

Hello bilaltufailkhan,

  1. Stay active at site daily.

  2. Try to consume all the 10 requests tickets you get daily.

  3. Search the gigs you are offering and compare your packages with other sellers so that you have a good market analysis.

  4. Try to compete with the rates and services of other seller who are selling similar services as of yours.

  5. Always generate original content for your gig like images or videos and written content and try to be as clear and genuine as possible.

Good Luck!!!

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I’m in a similar boat to you, but I guess as a new seller you have to try to put yourself out there. Share you gigs on social media, and get engagement from people who follow you and your stuff.
Also, try and see if you can follow other sellers that have similar gigs to you but have more experience, maybe try emulate their style into your gigs without losing your originality because you want somebody to pick you over them, for example, copy important keywords that they have.


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Please Check out:

Hello friend, You can use twitter targeted traffic.

Same Problem Bro you and with me:thinking:

Hehehehe then let’s hope for a better future! May Allah be with all of us

Thank You So much for such great advises and suggestions. I will surely follow all the steps you have mentioned. Thank you so much.