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Orders not delivered as requested

I have purchased to Fiverrs in the last 24 hours. Both of which were not delivered as per my request.

Why stipulate “either 5,000 Facebook Fanpage or 500 Facebook photo / status likes”, then when the seller requests your info, and you give your choice, the seller chooses to deliver the exact opposite of what you requested?

I find it very frustrating! Do I have a leg to stand on when I resisted a modification and messaged them both 3 times and they still don’t deliver as per your spec?

yikes… just a suggestion…do not “buy” thousands of likes,views,etc. Bad idea!

There not real people!

Don’t buy likes/followers. It is dishonest, and it is against the Terms of Service of Facebook, YouTube and every other social media site out there. Your account will be immediately suspended if they catch you, and it is getting easier for them to catch cheaters now. If you like your FB page or YouTube channel or AdSense account or whatever, why do something that can cause you to lose it?