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Orders Not Going Through and No Response From Cust Service

I have tried to place a couple of orders over and over again, and it does not go through! Have tried to email cust service and nothing. Very frustrated and will have to go to another platform if I can’t get projects done. I have a business to run.

Is this common for Fiverr?

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Hi there,

I have also submitted a request to CS but I’m still waiting…Unfortunately I’m unable to view the ticket because it’s not there… I think there are some technical issues… I guess there’s so much more to handle than we think in a site like this… So I hope they will get back to us soon. Keep the hope… Good day! :slight_smile:


Thank you. Too bad. I am very happy with the person I am working with. I hate to leave.

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Fiverr should start Live chat option

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