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Orders not marked as complete after 3+ days and not receiving funds

I have about 20 orders that are not completing and the number is growing everyday. I have delivered all of these orders within the past week or 2 and they continue to have the “delivered” status. I have not received payment for any of these gigs I completed, buyers have all left positive reviews and marked them as complete, but they do not end up on the pending clearance page. So basically for the past week or so, I have not been paid for most of the orders I have received and delivered. I have already contacted fiverr customer support about 3 days ago and the reply I received was that the orders are not marked as complete and that I need to wait but I have already waited 1+ weeks and they just will not mark as complete. I am still waiting on a follow up from customer support and still nothing.This is very sad to me because I have been here for 4 years and I work very hard everyday. There is only $132 in my pending clearance where it should be $300+. And since deadlines are soon, I still have to work while not being paid. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? I’m not seeing a lo of other sellers posting about similar situations. This is absolutely wrong. :frowning:

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Thank you Woofy for the helpful post. I’m glad that support is aware of this issue. I will contact them right away and try to have them manually mark the orders as complete. I do hope they can fix this soon. :slight_smile:

I noticed a similar glitch about a month ago, but I thought it would resolve itself. Today I saw clearly that the pending clearance amount had increased to the correct amount after a buyer marked an order as complete, and then the amount mysteriously went down again to the value it was before the order was marked complete. The order is definitely marked as complete and a positive review has been posted. :frowning:

Yes, this is exactly the issue I am speaking of. The buyer marks it as complete and most always leave a positive feedback as well. It shows up in pending clearance for a little while and then it drops back down again. I thought the issue would resolve itself too but it still hasn’t.

Yep, this constantly happens to me for 2 weeks now, and tech support keeps telling me they still try to fix it, but nothing yet…

Every 1-2 days I submit a ticket with the order numbers of the orders that should have been marked as complete, and CS does mark them manually as complete… but it’s really frustrating to do this, to always call support to mark my orders as complete…

And you know what the worst part is? Those orders do ~not~ show up in the “delivered” filter, nor in the “completed” filter, thus meaning that if you don’t know what those orders are, you will not find them again :frowning:

P.S. try keeping a note with all the orders you are delivering, and keeping track which has been completed and which not, and then jump over to CS to tell them

Reply to @Woofy31:

How exactly do you find them then? Go through the alerts to keep a log of them? This is just silly that such a big website is having this issue. Isn’t there a way for them to check through the over-all system and simply auto-complete all orders that may be over the past completion time?

Reply to @peipei: I am contacting them in regards to the same issue. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping 100% track of the orders as this shouldn’t even be an issue at this stage for a website.

freelancemm said: How exactly do you find them then? Go through the alerts to keep a log of them?

Yep, that and tracking my footsteps back to each order (I write down in a spreadsheet every buyer I have worked with, so it's fairly easy to go back through all my orders)

However, Fiverr should have a system that detects those orders.. I haven't asked though, because CS is rather 'expensive' at words :|

Reply to @peipei: You’re most welcome :slight_smile: I hope they fix it already, because it’s over 2 weeks soon since the problem appeared… my notepad is filled with order numbers…

Well, it looks like there’s no more hope for this issue to ever be solved… it’s been 3 weeks now and going towards a month without a fix and having to constantly ask CS to mark my orders as complete :frowning:

This never happened before, not on such a scale and time span… Fiverr, this is outrageous and soon becoming hilariously unprofessional of you! :frowning:

Yeah, they aren’t even replying to my tickets anymore…I don’t know if i’ll ever be paid for the work i’ve done. :frowning:

Reply to @peipei: When they don’t reply within the day, you should go to ‘twitter com/fiverr’ and post a reply asking where your VIP support is for your ticket number (and place the ticket #number in the post)

Reply to @Woofy31: Thanks Woofy, I did that earlier and I finally got a response. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: And for your info, CS told me this bug should be fixed now, and every order you received after the 13th of April will automatically be marked as complete like it should. However, every order going back 2 weeks since the 13th can still have problems, so you’ll have to track down your orders from the past 2 weeks and check them to see which got completed and which didn’t, then contact CS to mark them for you :wink:

Hello everybody please let me know how to reach and contact customer service coz I have had this problem these days, thanks