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Orders not received last 7 days


anyone please tell me what is the reason I have not received any order last 7 days, you have this problem?


this might help you a bit:


I posted these similar tips:

:-w QUICK TIPS to TRY [for August 2015]:

  1. EDIT GIG COVER PHOTO(S) - (simple and bold works/Professional quality design will help!) @};-

  2. EDIT GIG DESCRIPTION (reduce words/ get straight to point of what Gig offers) or have a “Writer/Sales Writer/Press Release®” correct you Gig for errors/grammar/formatting/content :-@

  3. ADD MORE TO YOUR GIG - offer double or triple the service i.e. “Banner + Flyer Design” (*)

  4. GIVE TO RECEIVE (Invest) - try ordering a Gig for a service you need like “Designer or Writer” to edit Gig etc., that way you’ll know orders won’t have stopped for everyone. They may even then order from you or refer a friend, it will keep Fiver active for few again Sellers immediately. :-bd

  5. REDUCE TURNAROUND TIME - if possible for you to complete orders sooner :!!

  6. ADD UPDATED PORTFOLIO samples or a Portfolio link i.e. Flickr/YouTube/Soundcloud *-:slight_smile:

  7. UPLOAD VIDEO or “PDF” of samples - or contact Graphic Designer to create PDF of recent samples. :)]

  8. ADD NEW NICHE GIGS - add a Gig that isn’t a general Gig, maybe a Gig that was a once Custom Order or Buyer Request. :-B

  9. BE ONLINE - it helps :-c

  10. ALWAYS SMILE with your Teeth when delivering Gig’s :smiley:

Hope this helps, soon you’ll be $-) !!!


thanks for tips, I will be try.

Damn, that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time.
I wasn’t smiling with my TEETH when delivering my gigs!

Thanks, @fivergraphics5

(Seriously, though - good post!)

Reply to @sincere18: after level I have received lot of Orders, but last few days I haven’t received orders.

it usually happens every now and then.

may be many people are on vacation.


Reply to @farhangul262: when did you get to Level 1? Is that when orders started dropping?