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Orders not showing up in dashboard

So a while ago orders were not showing up on the dashboard and then i though it had been resolved but obviously not, when i go onto my dashboard it says I have 10 orders but i just checked my selling tab and it says i have 12 and the time is almost out for the other two, what is going on, why are all my orders not showing up this has been going on for ages when are they going to fix this bug, Im now going to have two late orders if the buyers dont agree to extending the delivery time.

Is this happening for anyone else?

There were quite a few posts about it, I had it as well, waited 2 or 3 weeks to see if it would disappear by itself (always checking the Selling tab, ofc) but since it didn´t, I contacted CS finally. They ‘refreshed’ my account and since then it didn´t reappear.


this could be a bug
or you already delivered
or its on nudge

Its a bug, been like this for months

ok great i will contact them, thanks!! :slight_smile:

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It’s a well known issue. So everyone should check their order list from time to time to make sure it looks the same as the to-do list. Account refresh does not make the bug disappear, and it will occur again and again until it’s fixed.

I’m surpised Fiverr has not broadcasted a message to every seller, notifying us of this bug, so no one will suffer from late deliveries and late cancellations due to it.

Thankfully you do receive an email from Fiverr after an order is 24 hours late, but at that point a buyer can also cancel the order and the system will then give you an automated 1 star review as well for not delivering on time. But if it’s caused by a bug in their end, I assume support will remove the review.


Sometime occurs, “Selling > Orders” is the best option to get updated.
This will also power up your understanding regarding each and every order.