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Hello, I am the freelance graphic designer. I am using Fiverr for 9 months now but I am not getting buyers for my GIG. I have seen that sellers from US, UK, and Canada gets the most number of the buyers. Buyers always choose the best or level 2 sellers for their work, because of this who starting new on the Fiverr does not get the orders.


My friend once said, there is no result that betrays the effort.
The question is what do you do during the 9 months of joining Fiverr?
I hope you don’t just wait for the buyer to come :wink:


I did my first gig TWO YEARS after joining Fiverr! (I joined with the intention if selling a gig in a totally different industry than the one I am selling gigs now). I WONDER what people thought when they “New Seller” Joined 2015.

I started by having painfully low rates until I got some star reviews. As soon as I got that, I started getting gigs. One and a half months later, I am Level 2.

I did find that if you play around with editing your gigs a lot, you will get fewer hits on the search. So let each edit sit for a couple days before changing it again.


How do you know this?

Even if this is true, not saying it’s not but hard to prove, “more orders do not equal to more $.”

Everyone started out as a new seller.


Excellent. well-said!!!

I have also joined fiverr 2 years ago but created my first gig 2months ago.
will you tell me what’s your gig related to? And which things you tried to become level 2 seller?


This is not true at all. Each and every seller has the equal opportunity to prove him/herself and get orders. Once I was a newbie like everyone else.

Have you ever tried the “Buyer Request” section?

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Same here, i’m level 2 seller but i’m not getting new buyer

Writing your own gig descriptions instead of plagiarizing might help.


Stay away from plagiarism and be unique in writing gig description and tags.
It will help a lot. Also make as many gigs as possible . May be one of them appears in search.


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I’m also new to Fiverr. Joining in June 2017. What I do is share my gigs link in social media and hang out at buyer request every day :slight_smile:


I will suggest you to make your gig description unique and attractive and run a paid ad on facebook to promote your gig. You can earn 10 times than you spend on ad if your services are attractive.

Thank you!


great advice. like it.

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i joined fiverr in 2016 but never used it . about 10 days ago i checked my account ,there was no gig on it and nothing … i joined it because i learned web develeopmet(html,css) but i am a sketch artist as well so i created a gig on pencil sketching and given an offer for making 4 sketching in 10$ even then i haven got any orders yet :frowning: :frowning:

i am also newbie in fiverr and have created gigs but no order coming