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Orders Out Of The Blue

I know this subject has probably been done to death, but I feel the need to vent and hopefully, the more it is discussed, the more chance of someone from Fiverr noticing it. I know the powers that be don’t spend much time on the forums, but they really should. Where else can they get a better idea of what works for people and what doesn’t?

One major problem for me is clients being able to place orders without ever contacting me first. I now have several cancelled orders, all down to waking up to find orders placed with no prior contact. Rather than a “mutually agree to cancel” option, there should be an “accept job” button for the sellers, and orders should only be able to be placed on the agreement of both parties. Being forced into a job when you haven’t the time, the inclination, or maybe even the right skills just to avoid your cancellation rate rising to the point of it affecting your seller level is just craziness.

Buyers get to pick and choose, so why shouldn’t the sellers have more control over which projects they accept and which clients they work with? I write novels and it’s not a quick turnover with little contact. It can be a very long process and you need a rapport with your client. If I have four or five on the go, it’s pretty much pushing the boundaries of what I can handle. It drives me mad to get up and find an order placed for the first 8000 words of a 100,000 word novel from someone I’ve never heard of before.

Pretty please, Fiverr, address this! Prevention is better than cure.

I would suggest making your $5 gig small and narrow in scope. Then do the Larger projects as custom quotes. That way you will never get a large order from a new client outside of the scope that the gig allows. If you get a misorder, just ask for a mutual cancellation because you don’t offer what they ordered.

This is a difficult one with voiceovers too because the number of words does not reflect how much time a job can take. It is also down to the words and how they are said if there are any difficult non English words etc…

We have to rely in buyers having common sense.


I agree…the only thing I would say make the “accept job” button an optional setting for each gig. Some gigs are straight forward and maybe the seller does not need or want, while other gigs are more complex with many different possible scenarios and need to be discussed before ordering. I know my gig says to contact me first but it is usually ignored especially by $5 buyers who are trying to get $100 worth of work for $5.

An accept job button would be wonderful. Job (and countdown) does not begin until the seller accepts.

I’ve had people order without contact, sometimes ordering things that I state clearly in my gig I do not do.

If Fiverr is concerned, they can even set a time limit for how long a buyer has to accept a job. Maybe a buyer can set the time limit when putting together the gig to be between 1 and 5 days (then it auto-drops no harm no foul to either side and money goes immediately back to the buyer).

This means that busy sellers can have a true queue of work waiting, buyers can know how long the seller takes to approve a buy because it would be in the gig description, and we could actually time our gigs according to how long it takes us to do the work, not according to how long it takes to get through a rolling queue and finally get to your gig.

First, I think you should be happy that you are getting that many orders. And if this is a continued issue, then perhaps expand the days of your orders to more than 5. While I agree, as a seller it’s good to pick the clients you want to work for, that to a certain degree is a freedom that you get by being an independent freelancer and working on your own, with your own website and clients directly. If Fivver changed that, to have an “accept” button, that would be horrible business because there would be a ton of buyers who could never buy a gig because sellers just wouldn’t want to do it. Part of the success of Fivver is that you can pick a seller/freelancer and just buy something. It does say clearly in your gig clearly in your gig to contact you first, so if smoeone doesn’t then you just need to do a mututal cancellation and simply say that you require contact prior and are not able to do it.

Also, there are a few things you can change to try different approaches. I see a problem in this comment:


This doesn’t mean anything to a buyer. To me that is just the same as you working on other freelance jobs that are outside of Fiverr so of course those won’t be in a que. Some people even have other full-time day jobs they do. But that is why you have an average days for your orders, so one tactic may be to lengthen that a bit as well.

And maybe try changing the way you word it, right at the top…

• Please contact me BEFORE you place an order.

• This gig is ONLY for 500 words, if you have a project and need more that 500 words you must contact me for a custom quote.

Maybe try spelling it out in a different way and see if that makes a difference.

Reply to @sincere18: I agree with you on the “queue” thing but I respectfully disagree on the accept order button. If Fiverr added one but made it optional and set it to off by default, many newer sellers would keep it off to gain the competitive edge. More power to them! Also, as a freelancer, one reason to have your own business is to have choices. If sellers all wanted to be forced into certain things they could just work for a steady paycheck and a demanding boss. Just my own take.

Reply to @fonthaunt: don’t you think that all sellers would turn the button on? Maybe at the beginning they wouldn’t as you say as the newer sellers would keep it off to gain an edge, but then there is less of a pool of top sellers willing to work with anyone, and new buyers are only subject to newcomers. We can certainly politely agree to disagree :slight_smile: But it is an interesting topic, so I suppose we will see if Fiverr moves in that direction.

Reply to @fonthaunt: p.s. - isn’t there a suggestion box forum, perhaps you might want to write it up and post it there. I would imagine that Fiverr might read that category.

if there will be an accept job button, i will not accept $5 orders. coz my gigs are completing only when someone will add extras. My gigs are heavy design work and i will not agree to do just for basic gigs.

It just happen to me again. I have contact me in my gig description. A buyer orders the gig and provides me a link saying “I want something like this”. Ok, if only I had the skill and software to do something like that.

It’s obvious that some buyers don’t read gig descriptions or if they do, they just ignore whatever instructions were provided.

Reply to @steveeyes: part of the issue, is sometimes that when it comes to design work, the average person has no idea what is involved or the skill needed to do something. They see your portfolio and like you work so they buy from you.

You should write in bold letters, at the top of your gig, PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING.

Because frankly, if a seller doesn’t say that, I will go ahead and purchase. Frankly, I’m the opposite of you, I’d rather get orders than messages. I know messages can become orders, but it takes 14-days to get paid here, and I want to get the ball rolling ASAP.

Reply to @sincere18: I make suggestions in the “box” pretty often so for the moment I’ll leave this one to those who need/want it more than I do. I think it has been submitted before and I may have backed it, I don’t really remember. Fiverr could benefit from it or not, it’s hard to tell. They make a lot of changes that don’t make a lot of sense (and some that do make sense) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go either way on any particular suggestion.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: That’s exactly why I don’t think all sellers would utilize an “accept” button and it should be optional. I think there are many like you. I think there are many like me who would probably use it.

I have done from day one fastcopywriter, but buyers just ignore it :frowning:

Reply to @sincere18: Of course I am delighted that I am getting orders. My point is that I am a novelist, one project often taking six months or more to complete. If I’ve committed to four or five projects, it’s as much as I can possibly handle. Many people prefer a bulk order of say, 25,000 words, which I have to do by custom offers. Buyers come along and see no orders in queue, and automatically assume I have nothing on right now and place an order. I don’t want to continually do mutual cancellations as this can happen on a daily basis, so soon, my cancellation rate will be higher than my gig rate.

I am also in the wonderfully lucky situation where people come to me and are willing to wait for me to have the time to work with them. I often have three or four amazing customers patiently waiting in the wings for me to finish one project so I can begin on theirs. It’s not fair to them when I wake up to find orders placed before them, particularly when they are the first 8,000 words of 100,000 word saga!

My time scale days are fine, even when I have multiple projects, and all my extras are already set to the maximum amount of days allowed. If I increased the basic gig to more than 5 days, I would look like a rather useless writer! There is pretty much no projects I undertake that can be done in 500 words, but it’s the max I’m willing to offer for the price. I have already reworded my gig several times over to try and make it as clear as possible to buyers. Perhaps if the allowed character count was higher, I could address this better.

At the moment, when I have five projects on the go, I have no choice but to pause my gig for weeks on end to ensure no one comes along and places an order out of the blue. I won’t go in to all the disadvantages of this, as they are discussed in length under correct threads.