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Orders reduced ridiculously in July . Is it for summer fact?


Hi fiverr guys, Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been working with fiverr regularly since August 2015. My gig has been ranked well and getting the regular flow of orders but this July I’ve been facing some different experience. There’s almost no knock or orders in July 2017. Also, the order is very limited and I found that it’s just decreasing ridiculously. My 90% of buyers are from USA region. I heard from one of my friends that it may be for the SUMMER VACATION issue. I also take a research over my niches and found that most of the seller facing this. Anyone facing these types of issues? Is it due to summer fact or any other? I’m trying to finding out.

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Sales rise and fall regularly throughout the year.

In addition, Fiverr is working to upgrade their search system, and things search listings are likely to be different during this process (perhaps even afterwards). It is not wise to rely upon Fiverr’s always-changing search system to be your only source of sales.


yes , I’m facing same issue :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey, did you read this thread


@ryangillam, OMG! 62 Orders in Queue :slight_smile: super seller


I’m facing the same problem this month


There are honestly so many different offerings on Fiverr that some people go through an ebb and flow while others experience constant work all the time and others may only receive seasonal work.

I’ve had about 40 active orders consistently in my queue since beginning of June maybe? I do hope things pick up for you soon! Maybe consider expanding your offerings to similar gigs that can be packaged and offered to clients.


I’ve also seen a major change in orders this July. I’ve been fairly steady for years now and I do notice ups and downs here and there, but this one seems a bit more of a drop than usual. I am sure it’s related to typical trends. Hope it picks back for everyone!


Here’s the truth, for every 10 sellers for whom July was a bad month, there are 10 for whom it was a great month and 20 others for whom it was about the same as other months. This is the case with every month on Fiverr. There are always good months and bad months, don’t worry about that, just do your work.


Great advice as always @jonbaas! I’ve noticed a very large decrease in sales this July. I typically see fluctuations on Fiverr, but this one is the biggest I’ve seen for myself in a couple of years :frowning:.


My July started out pretty well. The past two weeks have been DEAD. Even my impressions have dropped. Im hoping its just the season as well.


Thanks! I’m always happy to help.