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Orders seem to have dried up

Hi everyone, have noticed in past couple of months, I have had no orders. I have excellent feedback and a five star rating. Not sure if other sellers have experienced similar? Any advice welcome. I was wondering is it anything to do with the new “featured” gigs status offered by Fiverr. I look forward to receiving your comments as i am very disappointed. Is there something I am not doing?


Same here, :frowning: check this out,

Experiencing the same here

Same here …i am disappointed

Sorry to hear a few of you experiencing the same as me. It is really disappointing when you have built up a really good rating and now have no income due to changes being made to the system! It is frustrating and demotivating to say the least .

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Thanks for this - I wonder how long this is for?

Sorry to hear that Ahsan.

Experiencing the same here

Looks like they (fiverr team ) are about to fix problem!
I posted same issue before a couple week but after some times people start coming again for inquiries!
not lot but not less even!

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This month only got 2 orders (from regular customer) and no new customers again. I’ve been six years here, and this month is my bad month. I tried changed anything, but still no order coming :sweat:

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Nice to see another Paddy on here!

You may find this series of posts helpful; I created it to advise people how to up their game on Fiverr and get through the testing period/sales slump. The link shows all in the series so far with a couple more to come.

Hi sorry to hear that, six years is a long time. I hope they fix problem very soon.

Hi Eoin
Thank you for replying, will have a look into this. I hope problem resolved soon. Nice to see another fellow Irish on here! all the best

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Sorry to hear that, Hope things improve for you.

I am also on same boat…

Same thing here. 1 year on fiverr, lvl2 seller and my sales dropped to 1 per month :frowning:

Same here! Only orders from regulars come in…

sorry to hear that. really frustrating.

Disappointing to hear that.

Discouraged also. I will keep the hope alive. No orders, all arrows pointing down