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Orders sent without having agreed on the terms

Hi, I’m a seller. I have a question. In my gigs I specifically wrote to always contact me before starting an order. I live in Italy and especially now with the virus I have problems with working times, I always ask to contact me first to explain my situation, and to establish a longer time frame than that described in the gig, for emergency reasons. A guy sent me an order to be delivered in three days, which I don’t think I can do. I am trying to contact the customer, but he does not answer me. what can I do?

Buyers are not obliged to contact you before placing an order. If you are in a difficult situation you either need to increase the estimated delivery time on your gig or pause it all together. You can’t blame the buyer in this situation and shouldn’t be shocked if they ask to cancel the order. Fiverr would back the buyer in this situation


ok. Thanks for the reply. I wouldn’t ask for such a thing normally, but thanks you were kind.

You can’t ask for an extension like that. It’s technically speaking false advertising. If the buyer is on a tight deadline you might have just wasted half a day of their time if they need to use another seller to get the job done by their deadline. It doesn’t look good for the Fiverr platform if that happens.


okay, okay. I asked if it was possible. but it’s not a problem. you’re right, I will make changes to the gigs in the future. I didn’t mean to be arrogant to ask such a thing, sorry.

It’s not arrogance, its being naive. That seller may now feel like they had a bad experience and not come back to Fiverr. Losing sales for everyone. I know it’s a strange tough world we live in now with Covid-19, but common sense must prevail and clear communication with buyers is even more important. Selling a service you can’t offer, is not okay. (Coming from a seller and a buyer)


Yes you are right. I have to lengthen the gig working times. thanks for the clarification. I have never had serious problems until now, I was worried. but thanks for the info.

You should Pause your gigs or turn on out of office Mode- and select option where buyers can still contact you for custom offers., Or simply extend delivery time of each packages.

for now, you can talk to your buyer if its alright for him to extend time line and explain situation, and use resolution center to mutually extend delivery time.


I am pleasantly surprised by the willingness of users to answer my question. Thanks a lot, it’s a really good community. they are excellent advice. thank you very much surajrenuka :slight_smile:

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