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Orders should need approval

I had yet another situation today that I finally just had to mention (I hope this doesn’t come across as complaining, it is intended to be constructive.)

My illustration gigs, which I put a great amount of effort into are offered with various extras. (including but not limited to a deal package for multiple images, full color with a custom background, multiple figures, a time lapse of the images creation process etc.)

Recently, a buyer seemingly ignored the fact that these are listed as extras, and if one is wanted it must be purchased, and the fact that 6 =/= 1 and ordered the basic 5 dollar gig, sending over 6 images that he wanted completely recolored. As well as requesting that I concept craft, sketch out, color, and add in fantasy creatures to the images as well. (this is the specialty of my services. creating fantasy creatures.)

I can in no way claim the client to have been unpleasant. (that is not the issue). For when I immediately told them that fully re-coloring as well as drawing creatures to add in for 6 different images for the price of 5 dollars was completely ludicrous (obviously said in a much more tactful way at the time.) and requested an immediate mutual cancellation they were quick to accept and did not seem angry.

The problem is that I received a completely unreasonable order request which was subsequently cancelled, raising my cancellation rate percentage. (which if I am correct, having a higher cancellation rate has various negative effects on a Fiverr profile.)

I was picturing a system where buyers order a gig, and then sellers simply have a buffer stage to review what the request is before it is completely locked in. That way a seller could see when a buyer clearly does not read a single word of the gig description, or extras, and reject the buyer without having to raise their cancellation rate. After reading a few other threads on the forums about problematic buyers who intentionally deny cancellation requests, I believe this could vastly improve those situations as well.

This would stop someone from, per say, opening a gig for 500 words written for the price of five dollars, then ordering and requesting 1500 words, thus resulting in the seller having to cancel the order, raise their percentage and perhaps being restricted from reaching level 2. Alternatively they could do triple the amount of work they would like to, for a fraction of the payment which it deserves? simply because they are cornered and perhaps cannot afford more cancellations, or negative feedback?

Buyers get to choose who they want to buy from, sellers really need to be able to choose who they want to sell to after having seen what the buyer wants. And should not be penalized when a buyer orders something well outside the guidelines set up.

I apologize if this is a bit of a rant or too overly opinionated however I do strongly believe a feature needs implementation that allows sellers to review orders and weed out the ones undeserving of time, thought or energy (we have all had them) without imposing a negative penalty.

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Totally agree with the OP on this.

I agree with you! Unless cancellations aren’t affecting us at all (which I doubt), we should be able to say no to orders.

My cancellation rate is quite high, all due to buyers not providing the correct info or failing to read my info.