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Orders shown as late when not late

This is in the inbox, where you have someone’s message open who has a completed order from you.

In the upper right where it shows that they have an order, after I deliver the order on time it has a little red clock saying it’s late. Also on the order page it does not close out for further messages after I deliver an order. Usually I can’t send more message on the order page after I deliver it but now it stays open for more messages, as if it has not been delivered. It does not say late however on the order page.


So apparently I’m the only one with this bug.

It happened with me, on delivered orders. I think it is normal?

I have another question, never experienced it before, this is my first time:
So I delivered an order 3 days ago (order’s timelimit is 1 day) today the buyer purchased an extra that adds also a day (but since 3 days have passed) even after the Extra was purchased, the order is Big Ugly Red LATE.

Does this affect my order delivery on time?
(I know that delivered orders do not get marked late if they were delivered before the time runs out, but in this specific case -where the buyer purchased an extra- does it affect?)

It is definitely not normal for that to say “late” and none of my other orders say that.

That big red LATE won’t affect your analytics. It is ok to ignore that.

I have had this with almost all of my orders (once they are delivered and waiting for buyer response)
It might be a bug though, the clock on the inbox keeps running… Ignore it, it never affected my ‘Delivery on time’.

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It’s definitely a bug. I’ve never seen that before. It’s just on one order. There shouldn’t be any little red clock that says late when an order isn’t late.

Sure, but do not worry, I promise it has 0 effect on your analytics.
If you wanna be sure go ahead and post a ticket :slightly_smiling_face: (If you haven’t already)

Same here. Had it for over a year, I think.

This one will actually get you in trouble. For whatever reason, you can’t just add extra’s time to your order delivery time so it will count as late after/if your original order’s time runs out. CS couldn’t explain to me why.

To avoid that, you can send the deadline extension request to your buyer.


Thank you so much!! I will send to extend the time.
@lenasemenkova Just to be sure that you got my question right.
I have delivered it already (before it was LATE), then the buyer purchased the extra.

Are you sure? I had that happen once and while it did say late it didn’t affect my analytics.

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If you need any additional time to do the extra (say, your delivery time is 24 hours and you need 24 more hours to deliver the extra), I’m pretty sure your entire order will count as late (late for real) after the first 24 hours are up no matter how many additional days you put into the extra form. I always just send both deadline extension request and the extra at the same time to be safe.

Happened to me once, I just sort of accidentally got my order late without realising it by innocently adding an extra to it. CS told me I should’ve make a separate custom offer for it instead of making it an extra.

I don’t think you understood my question :slightly_smiling_face:
In the original order’s time frame(24 hours) I already delivered the completed work.
Then after those 24 hours the client purchased an extra (which makes the green button change from ‘Deliver Again’ to ‘Deliver Now’, thus making the clock countdown run again, but since the 24 hours already passed, it is marked as late, REMEMBER I delivered the original work before the first 24 hours are passed. Does it count as late after my buyer purchased an extra?

I understand that you delivered the initial order. I did that in my case, too, around 6 hours before the original, intended deadline. Then in a few days the buyer came back and asked for some additional formatting and got an extra for that. 6 hours after that I started to receive “your order is late, deliver now” emails.

Now, it could be a one-time glitch but I prefer to be safe.

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Me too. Thank you for the answer!

OK, but did it actually reduce the ‘On time delivery’ stats in analytics?
Also, I have read somewhere that asking to extend the delivery time (through the ‘Resolution Center’ affects ranking …etc) Is that true?

Yes, my delivered on time fell to 99%.

I don’t do it often but I didn’t notice it affecting anything.

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Sh*t, thank you so much. I will send CS a ticket to be sure and update you!
Appreciate your responses Lena!

I got a reply, will post a screen shot. please hold.

Seems @misscrystal is right.
Thank you both!


No that won’t affect your gig ranking as far as I know.

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