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Orders slow down


After being promoted to level 1, I am experiencing less orders. Anyone here who can guide me about this issue?


To increase sales
Promote your gig on social media networks


I’m already marketing them on social media. But the problem is that when I was at no seller level I was getting enough orders that I faced difficulty to handle them but as I was promoted to level 1 the sales were going low day by day.:weary:


Do not be sad
You will receive orders in the near future
Do not get discouraged
You will be successful


We are all experiencing this, I used to be overbooked by today…so this is just for a period “I think” everything will be okay again.


Let’s c thanks for encouraging :pray:


We have all been there. There are some times (i have no idea why), that you dont have so many orders as you had in the past. Make sure to promote, send requests, be active often and i believe you will get more orders soon. Good luck

Maria S.


Alright fine…thanks



Yes when you promoted to next level there are some issue in getting as much orders as you was getting at your previous level. The reason bhind this is that when you promoted to level 1, you are competiting with level 1 sellers rather than the new seller. I hope you will get my point.

Best Regards,


Your point seems very logical. Got it :+1:
Thanks bro