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Orders stop on weekends

Does anyone else have orders stop on weekends? It stops on Fridays and has been doing this for a long time. Fiverr I do work on weekends too.


I’ve gotten plenty of orders, over the years, on weekends. Orders can come in on any day of the week. I would guess that Fiverr’s CS and other staff doesn’t work (or work at full-staff levels) on weekends, but buyers aren’t limited by calendar days.


I’m actually more likely to get messages and orders on weekends and after business hours. I suppose this is because my clientele tend to be “business people” with decent paying jobs that keep them tied up 9 to 5. I sort of wish it were like your situation. I like to take weekends off.


Lucky you. Take a break on weekends and do some offline activities.


I don’t get many orders during weekends either. Usually, I get a lot on Mondays and Fridays, most of them between 9 and 5 (or 8 and 4 here in Denmark). The buyers do not respond outside these hours either. That is because I usually get most of my orders from companies.

When I had lower prices, I would get orders at any time of the day and week. The orders I still do get during weekends and outside business hours are from startups or individuals.

EDIT: Of course, I get an order right as I post this… :man_facepalming:


I just got an order, a few seconds after I opened this thread. :dizzy_face:

Thank you @misscrystal

P.S. It’s Sunday morning, just adding that for context. :slight_smile:


Lucky guy …


Funny thing is, I tend to get more orders during the weekends.
In fact I have one repeat buyer who almost always place orders on Sundays.
Personally though, I don’t mind when I get my orders as long as I get one! :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Yep! Most of my orders are placed Monday-Friday, usually with 1 or 2 on the weekends.


same too with me. suddenly an order came .it was a thread

Weirdly, my orders seem to come in Tues to Thurs. Most of my clients are small businesses or solos, who don’t seem to work weekends.

I don’t see, however, why you MissC, don’t get orders at weekends. Unless, they get wake up calls over the weekend and turn to you to help sort that out …


This has gone on forever with my gigs. A sudden halt on every Friday afternoon and a return on Monday. That includes all messages too.

It didn’t happen when our analytics pages were not functioning.

It’s as if I go out of office each weekend.

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Hmmm … people socialise and break up at weekends - sad, but true. Then they turn to you.

A “have a great weekend” offer, perhaps ?


That boost in sales was when the analytics page wasn’t working. And the weekends off problem also wasn’t there.

The day the analytics page started working was the day the problem came back.

Would the orders and messages also stop throughout the weekend if you were to complete and have an order accepted Friday or Saturday morning?
Because at least to me, having an order accepted always leads to at least 3 new requests 2-3 hours afterwards unless the accepted order was delivered late.

See the sudden drop in impressions on Sept. 4 Friday:

The - current! - algorithm appears to believe you deserve every weekend off …


I had all orders complete on Friday. Then delivered one yesterday which got marked complete immediately.

It must be fiverr’s way of distributing the sales to go around to other sellers. I don’t know what else it could be.

I wanted to see if anyone else was noticing this.

That is interesting. I just had a look at my impressions and noticed something:

While my best performing gig has hundreds of impressions everyday, they seem rather steady but something happened that made them increase a lot on Wednesday.

My least performing gig only gets 20 impressions or so at best (which I’m not mad about) but the numbers seem a lot less consistent, probably more randomized.

I don’t know if it means anything in your case, but randomized impressions could be a reason for new sellers to not get consistent orders. Just a wild theory though!