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Orders stoped after several days of every day orders!

Hi ! I had several orders in the last 7 days and now for 3 days ordes stoped coming in. is this normal for a new seller ? I edited my description several time, changed my images and videos.

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The best advice is not to change the gig at all. Every time you make an eddition, it should pass the Editorial team. So until they review no one can see your gig in search.

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Are you sure that’s correct? I occasionally tweak my gig description and it doesn’t prevent my gig from appearing in the search…

It most cases it goes to the editorial team. However, if the change wasn’t significant gig may still appear in search.

But in this case, for sure it should be reviewed.

Thank you guys for your replyes! I wont edit my gig at all then… do you sugest not to edit the gig at all? or should I edit it once a month or something like that. I read that editing the description and changing the videos and images once in 2 or 3 weeks it would rank the gig higher. … So what do you sugest I do?

And how should I rank my gig then? I promoted it on social media.