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Orders stopped. Help me to improve my gigs!

Hi! I had many orders, and then I reached requirements for Level 1 and everything stopped. (I still don`t have the badge, but I should be promoted in Level 1 on March 15.) I have no or very few orders now.

I know this happened to many other people here when they reach some level. What a mystery!

I made two new gigs, but no one ordered yet.

Can you please give me your opinions how me to improve my gigs? THANK YOU!! :smiley: :smiley:


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What do you think about this ROBERT SMITH (SINGER FROM THE CURE) IMPERSONATOR gig for example?

I have wondered about me undergo plastic surgery and become male to improve my gig.

Just joking :smiley: But i`ll appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

Your gig is certainly unique. From a business perspective, however, I think you need to ask yourself… who is your market for this gig? Who do you think will be purchasing it?

From an objective perspective, I just don’t see a market for this – maybe I’m not in tune with the Robert Smith fan base, but I just don’t know if this is going to garner any interest. Unique gigs are great, but if there’s no specific, researched, quantifiable market, then there really isn’t any potential profit to be had.

Do you have a certain – guaranteed – market for this?


Check this article. Might help in getting new orders.
All the best!

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I have the same problem my average sales were 4-5 orders a day an average of $1500 per month in total I have more 380 completed deliveries and then starting 1st or 2nd of March boom - everything dropped to zero the impressions , views , clicks everything is in red and down. I only had few orders from my returning clients.
Please if anyone can clarify this to me I would appreciate it very much!


None of us can tell you why your sales have dropped. We do not have access to your account, your seller history, or the many behind-the-scenes factors that may be at play.

I can say, though, that if you aren’t gaining the level of orders that you want here on Fiverr, then perhaps now is a good time to learn how to effectively market your gigs, and then use that knowledge to reach out to your target customers. YOU are responsible for your success, and YOU have the ability to get out into the word and connect with your customers.

Business is constantly changing. In order to be successful, you need to learn how to change with it.

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If you are not going to offer any useful advice I think it’s better you refrain from commenting. You come across to me as a troll. I am looking for someone who is willing to provide a good-hearted sound tip on what might have happened that caused this sudden drop,is there a similar case like mine out there with other sellers and ways to turn this around. Not someone who spits out some cliche unsolicited comments. So please good hearted fiverr “colleagues” with similar experience please advise. Thanks!

I offered you plenty of excellent advice. Nor was I offensive in doing so.

I have been offering straightforward advice and helping other sellers here on the forum for years. I am not at fault if you did not like the advice I offered.

Your personal disdain has been noted, but it will not stop me from offering practical advice. If you don’t want honest, practical, accurate tips, then don’t act upon my advice. But I can assure you, you’re already talking with a "good hearted “colleague”. I took the time to stop what I was doing and help you. Perhaps you should appreciate the assistance I have offered you, instead of demanding a bunny-rabbit answer from someone else.

Good luck with your gigs. I hope you are able to figure out how to make them work.

Thank you for your comment, Jon, i appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Do I have the market for the Cure gig?

Well, this will be the strange story. Because I already sold 8 Robert Smith impersonator videos BEFORE I made this Robert Smith gig!

First buyer> I was doing some other gig for him, and I just mentioned I am thinking about to maybe make Robert Smith gig.
Buyer: “That`s fantastic! Can I order it right now?!”
He ordered.

Then I made this 14 characters gig where Robert Smith appears just for few seconds:

Then my other old buyer said (Second buyer) thats great and he ordered big package of 6 Robert Smith videos! And he even isnt The Cure fan.

The third buyer than appeared and ordered few cheaper gigs and one bigger more expensive Robet Smith gig!

And, I was thinking: “Wow! People are so interested in R. Smith. When I make particular R.Smith gig there will be lots of orders!”

Then I reached $400 - I achieved requirements for Level 1. And all orders STOPPED.

I made Robert Smith Impersonator gig.

And nothing happens. No orders.

I`m puzzled after all that The Cure story :open_mouth:

Yes, i also noticed many people have that problem.

Have you maybe changed your level (reached or lost) just before the moment your orders stopped?

Many people comment the orders stopped the moment they reach some level. The only explanation I can think of is the reason of that is Fiverr wants sellers to promote gigs outside of Fiverr and to make Fiverr more popular that way.

Because New seller wont do it, theyll just give up from Fiverr. But when you reach some level if the orders stop you`ll try hard to promote your business outside of Fiverr because you invesed a lot in it.

p.s. Good news for me but also the others with the same problem - I finally received 2 orders using Buyers request after a week with no orders so I think we should use it and I expect that after some time we will be again on the track with many orders. I dont have the evidence, but its my intuition :laughing:

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That is my guess too. I think you are absolutely right. Thanks for sharing it here with me and wish you good luck. Cheers!

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I have also the same problem but I think it has something to do with the seasonals too like for example December is a very good month and then by January my orders dropped and even for one month nothing but then the next month orders pop up like never ending story and I believe it has something to do on how fiverr markets our gigs.And adding videos and photos portfolio gives a big different :slight_smile:


That too, I agree. :thinking: not cool.

Did you turn your gig off and then on again? Sometimes you have to restart your gig like a computer to get orders going again.


Hi, what do you mean - like pause the gig and then activate it again - that sort of thing? I did that just 15min. ago lets see if its going to affect anything. Thanks!

Thank you, that sounds like the interesting hack! :slight_smile:

I want to say to all that I have orders again and everything is normal now. The silent period lasted for 10 days after I achieved requirements for Level 1. I thing that is connected with changing levels.

My analytics from that period:

I have the same situation. I’ve a bit changed gig title and cover and then my impressions, views, clicks drop down to 0…5!! It was my best selling gig. Also i checked my gig in search and i can’t find it :frowning: i checked 11 pages but there are no my gig. Month ago i was on 4-7 place in search. Is restart of gig really helps? Did you try? Seller Level 2, all 5 stars
Thanks in advance

I think same here, I have zero orders in the past 3-4 days. Usually I get 1-4 daily…

Hi, was there any changes when you turned on and off your gig?