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Orders suddenly stopped? Could it be because of the holidays?


Hello! I’m have article writing gigs here on fiverr, I should be level 1 in a few days, my 2 of my gigs are marked as express and I haven’t had any orders (only 1 from returning customer) in the last few days. Could this be because of the holidays?


Could be :slight_smile: This happens to all of us from time to time, similar to retail stores surging in sales and then having a slow period. Keep with it, take the opportunity to fine tune your gigs and maybe think of a few more.


Yeap it may. Same with my gigs too. Heheehe


thanks for you feedback guys. I really needed someone’s opinion :slight_smile:


Same here, seen a huge drop in sales during the holidays :frowning:


Yeah you’re going to get a drop in sales at this time of year especially as here in the UK people leave work on the 24th December and don’t really return till the 3/4th Jan. Can’t say what the customs are in any other place in the world that celebrate Christmas but I am optimistic that your sales will pick up in early 2013!

Good luck and Happy New Year !




I’m an article writer and have been doing this for a few years now and always find that between December and February the orders are lower than other times of the year. My best months are between June and November for some reason.

I think it’s a mixture of Christmas, the recession (some countries have gone into a double dip and nearing a triple dip recession) and just the cycle of when people need content.


My sales went down for a couple of days over Christmas but seem to have bounced right back up again now.


It gave me time to do some other things with my family tree gig that I haven’t had time for now I am ready for 2013


I did $100 between newyears day night Jan1 and now. I used the time to improve my offerings.


This happened to me as well! But Im sure they will be back up soon. Plus I opened up a new fiverr gig so that should be nice! Good luck everyone!


My popular gigs become dead and then all of a sudden, they have life again. A vicious cycle.


Reply to @adamandtheglobe: Congrats.